Microprocessors and Microcontrollers/Architecture of Micro controllers. Lecture Notes. Overview of 16 bit microcontroller. Features. • Byte Register File. An Intel P The Intel MCS is a family of microcontrollers (MCU) commonly used in embedded systems. Microcontrollers Overview – Learn Microprocessor in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced For example, Intel is a bit microcontroller.

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The 20 sources vector through 8 locations or interrupt vectors. There are 4 lines HIS.

The serial port has several modes and its own baud rate generator. The serial port is similar to that on the controller. The addressable memory space on the is 64 kBmost of which are available to the user for program or data memory. Sample and Hold Circuit. The processors operate at 16, 20, microconyroller, and 50 MHzand is separated into 3 smaller families. TIMER 2 can be used as a bit even counter which is clocked by a signal coming into the chip on either of the two pinsPort2.

The remaining bytes of the register file serves as general purpose RAM ,accessible as bytes,words or double-words. It consists of several functional units, namely. Each output line require a pullup resistor of about 15K.

Members of this sub-family are 80C, 83C, 87C and 88C Intel noted that “There are no direct replacements for these components and a redesign will most likely be necessary. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.


Microcontroller |authorSTREAM

Contd … The chip has a baud rate generator which is independent of Timer 1 and Timer 2, so using the serial port does not take away any of the HSI, HSO or timer flexibility or functionality.

The content of the interrupt mask register determine whether the pending interrupt is serviced or not. The chip is automatically reset when the Vdd deviates from the prescribed levels. Contd … Baud rates for all of the modes are controlled through the Baud Rate register.

Minimum Mode Configuration of All other locations can be used either for program or for data storage or for memory mapped peripherals. Two mainbuses A-bus and D-bus are used for inter-processor communication. Features of Microcontroller. All these interrupts are enabled or disabled using the 9 th bit of PSW register.

Microcontrollers – Overview

The least significant byte is loaded mlcrocontroller the register followed by the most significant. Input Output Interfacing Microprocessor. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This CAM file stores up to 8 commands. Upload from Desktop Single Mlcrocontroller Upload.

Pin Diagram of Microcontroller. The most significant bit of the baud value determines the clock source for the baud rate generator. Each instruction uses at least one of the addressing modes.

By writing 1 imcrocontroller any line it can be used as an input and other lines can serve as output lines. Hence this is called a register to register architecture. The block diagram is shown in the next slide. Contd … When the hardware detects one of the 8 interruptsit sets the corresponding bit in the interrupt pending register. If it is to be serviced ,the CPU pushes the contents of the program microcontrokler on to the stack and and reloads it with the vector corresponding to the desired interrupt.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to MCS In the asynchronous modes baud rates micrkcontroller up to In the expansion mode ,the bus lines can gain the ability to drive both high and low ,forming the expansion bus without the need of pullup resistors.

Microcontroller Architecture Block Diagram

Both of the indirect addressing modes use the value in a word register as the address of the operand. In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation.

Upon the completion of each conversion the converter can generate a conversion complete interrupt. If this bit is set to 1 all the interrupts are enabled and disabled when reset to zero. They also take up a fair amount of silicon area which can be better used for other features.

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