Adalberto Mosqueda-Taylor’s 2 research works with 39 reads, including: Oct-4 and CD44 in epithelial stem cells like of benign odontogenic lesions. Adalberto. Adalberto Mosqueda of Metropolitan Autonomous University, Mexico City (UAM). Toussaint-Caire S, Vega-Memíje ME, Mosqueda-Taylor A, Cuevas-González. Adalberto Mosqueda Taylor is the author of Oral Medicine And Pathology At A Glance ( avg rating, 12 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Oral Medicin.

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In the present study we found a strong expression of this glucose transporter in odontogenic epithelium, showing both cytoplasmic and membranal localization Fig. The immunoexpression of twenty-three different antibodies were evaluated in four cases of POT.

It takes part in cellular migration and fibrosis, both of which are important events for tissue regeneration and oncogenesis The expression of Bax, Survivin and Bcl-2 was similar, with slightly greater presence of the antiapoptotic proteins; however, the results of this study does not allow us to conclude that the overexpression of antiapoptotic proteins play an important role as growth mechanism of POT, as it has been suggested for other odontogenic neoplasms There were seven cases 5 male and Reduced expression of PTEN has also been reported in some oral cancers, in studies that suggest PTEN plays an important role at signaling pathways in the carcinogenesis of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Introduction Odontogenic tumors OT comprise an infrequent group of lesions arising from the tooth-producing tissues or its remnants, and these range from hamartomatous or non-neoplastic proliferations to benign and malignant neoplasm with variable aggressiveness and metastatic potential 12.

An updated clinical and epidemiological profile of the adenomatoid odontogenic tumour: In addition, it has been reported that the pattern of Syndecan-1 expression varies according to the stage of maturation of the epithelial tissues Material and Methods The immunoexpression of twenty-three different antibodies were evaluated in four cases of POT. Br J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Archives of dermatology 10, The other patient remained free of disease at 12 months of follow-up.

This article presents the results of a retrospective study of the frequency and classification of odontogenic tumors recorded at four centers of diagnostic pathology in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Of the cases of OT, The strong expression of this protein in the epithelium of POT indicates the existence of high glucose transport requirements in this pathological condition.


A policy of total mandibulectomy is not associated with a better local control or survival. Cytokeratins in epithelia of odontogenic neoplasms. A retrospective evaluation of four patients with primary oral melanomas treated at a single Cancer Institution in Mexico City. Our study shows that OT are uncommon in Brazil and that the frequency of these tumors vary in accordance with the type of diagnostic center, even within the same geographical region.

Odontogenic tumors: A retrospective study of four Brazilian diagnostic pathology centers

One of the main modifications found in the newest edition was the addition of the odontogenic keratocyst as a benign, but locally aggressive epithelial odontogenic tumor, which has been renamed as keratocystic odontogenic tumor KCOT. International collaborative study on ghost cell odontogenic tumours: The selected markers provide new and valuable information for a better understanding of the adakberto histogenesis and biological behavior of this entity.

The presence of this transcription factor, at least focally in the tumoral epithelium, also lend support to the hypothesis that this tumor derives from the early stages of dental morphogenesis and that the epithelial components express different stages of tooth development. Warthin tumor is the second most frequent benign salivary gland tumor after pleomorphic adenoma; it occurs almost exclusively in the parotid gland and peri-parotideal lymph nodes, although it may rarely present in other locations.

A 4-year prospective study on epidemiology and clinicopathological presentation of odontogenic tumors in Tanzania. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Free osseous and mosquedq tissue surgical margins as prognostic factors in mandibular osteosarcoma more.

Eight months postoperatively, 1 of the 2 patients experienced a recurrence of the sarcomatous component of the tumor, and he underwent a total laryngectomy. Several reports on series of OT misqueda different countries have documented distinct geographic variations in tumor prevalence, with the main difference being the relative incidence of ameloblastoma and odontoma 45810 ada,berto, 16 Two patients were treated with resection of the melanoma with CO2 laser together with extraction of the involved dental organs and curettage of the alveolar walls.

Their incidence seems to be higher in certain Asian and Latin American countries, where most of the reported series reveal a predominance of T-cell lineage and a high frequency of EBV-positive cells.


Primordial odontogenic tumor: An immunohistochemical profile

DentistryHumansOral OncologyDifferential DiagnosisOraland 2 more Public health systems and services research and Odontogenic-tumors Public health systems and services research and Odontogenic-tumors.

The age of patients at diagnosis where this information was available ranged from 5 to 82 years, with a mean of adslberto years s. Odontogenic tumors in Istanbul: All tumors were assessed using magnetic resonance imaging.

The standardization of the examiners showed a kappa index of 0. There was not significant difference between both periods in zdalberto of tumor size 6. One case of orthokeratinized odontogenic cyst, one keratoameloblastoma, one unclassified malignant odontogenic tumor and two adenomatoid odontogenic hamartomas 14 were excluded on the basis of the classification used.

Therefore, as has been pointed out in previous studies, the relatively high frequency of malignant tumors observed in this and some other studies may be a reflection of the types of pathology services surveyed 5 A retrospective and collaborative study of seven cases more. Stromal expression of CD90 in our POT cases was found mosqueeda blood vessels and in some mesenchymal cells, particularly in those in close proximity to epithelial odontogenic cells, which led us to suggest that CD90 expression in POT could play an important role in cellular adhesion and migration, serving as an important regulator of cell-matrix interactions for determining the biological behavior of this tumor.

Conclusions According to these immunohistochemical findings, we may conclude that POT is a benign odontogenic tumor in which there is both epithelial and mesenchymal activity during its histogenesis, as there is expression of certain components in particular zones in both tissues that suggests this tumor develops during the immature primordial stage of mosqqueda development, leading to its inclusion within the group of mosquedw mixed epithelial and mesenchymal odontogenic tumours in the taglor World Health Organization classification of these lesions.

Reduced expression of MOC has been correlated with poor survival in cancerous conditions.