Energy and Internal Volume of Refrigerating Appliances AHAM HRF pi AHAM HRF PREFACE The Association of Home. BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal RegisterWashington, Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations. Energy and Internal Volume of Refrigerating Appliances – AHAM HRF This standard establishes a uniform, repeatable procedure and standard methods.

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If the compartment volume is less than 2 cubic feet, then a single thermocouple shall be located at the geometric center of qham compartment. Subscription pricing is determined by: All deducts are the same.

Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. A means of accelerating the rate of defrost may or may not be included in the product design. The locations selected shall be recorded.

AHAM HRF-1: Household Refrigerators, Combination Refrigerator-Freezers, and Household Freezers

Temperatures shall be recorded at three or five locations as shown by Figure Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards.

One that can have its vertical position changed without the use of tools. The hard copy print version of this document shall be for individual use only. An enclosed compartment or container provided primarily to retard the dehydration of fruits and vegetables. Unless otherwise specified, the cabinet shall be installed with all of its sides, except the back, more than 10 inches This heater may be switchable from fully-on to fully-off or to some condition of operation in-between.

If the model being tested has separate compressor systems for the refrigerator and aha sections, each with its own automatic defrost system, then the two-part method in Section 5. All leads from all measuring devices shall be brought outside of the cabinet in such a manner hrc to prevent air leakage. A ahwm of components from the various figures may be used for other designs. Packages shall rest on the bottom of the liner or on top of anam trivet if furnished. No part of the dispenser unit shall be included as volume.


You may delete a document 20008 your Alert Profile at any time. The total volume shall be the sum of the volumes of all compartments and be recorded to the ahaam 0. In addition, standardized testing temperatures have been changed for fresh food and freezer compartments to harmonize with the IEC. Except when specified for particular tests, the ambient relative humidity need not be controlled.

The process of freeing or removing ice pieces from an icemaker.

The average per-cycle energy consumption for a cycle type is expressed in kWh per cycle to the nearest one hundredth 0. This standard contains test procedures that may be applied to any brand or model of electric refrigerator, refrigerator-freezer or freezer for measuring performance.

Freezer compartment Section 3. If the compartment temperature s measured with all controls set at their coldest setting is are above the standardized temperature sutilize both tests to determine energy consumption.

Item Detail – AHAM HRF (Energy & Volume Refrigerating Appliances)

If the interior arrangements of the cabinet do not conform with those shown in Figuremeasurements shall be taken at selected locations chosen to approximately represent the entire freezer compartment Section 3. The sum of i the fresh food compartment volume in cubic feet and ii the product of an adjustment factor and the freezer compartment volume in cubic feet see Section 6.

Nominal refrigerated food temperatures are maintained during operation of the automatic defrost system s. If the interior arrangements of the freezer compartment shelves do not conform with those shown in Figuremeasurements shall be taken at locations selected to represent the intent of the standard. Energy used during adaptive defrost shall continue to be tested and adjusted per the calculation provided for in this standard.


All standards must be updated or reconfirmed at least every five years. The recorded temperature of the freezer compartment shall be the average of the temperatures recorded at the locations shown in Figure The items below shall be considered as being in place and their volumes deducted: Therefore, the times between defrost should vary with different usage patterns and include a continuum of lengths of time between defrosts as inputs vary.

Temperature measuring devices shall be located or shielded so that indicated temperatures are not affected by the operation of the condensing unit or adjacent units. The test period shall start after steady state conditions have been achieved. When 20088 volume is determined, internal fittings such as shelves, removable partitions, containers and interior light housings shall be considered as not being in place. Ambient air temperature shall be recorded during the anam period. The third part is used by manufacturers that choose ahham to accept the default value for F of 0.

A system in which the defrost cycle is manually initiated and automatically terminated, with automatic resumption of normal refrigeration at the conclusion of the defrost operation. If the interior arrangements of the cabinet do not conform with those shown in Figuremeasurements shall be taken at selected locations chosen to approximately represent the entire fresh food compartment Section 3.

It is not intended to provide a means of measuring the food-storage capacity.