source: the report of the Arjun Sengupta. Committee to Review Policy for Public. Enterprises. Realising the critical role assigned to the public sector in the. 30 Aug Recommendations of Arjun Sengupta Committee Report. The Government had constituted an Ad-Hoc Group of Experts (AGE) in. This report “is focused on the informal or the unorganised economy The Commission had the following members: Dr. Arjun K. Sengupta, Dr.

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Report on Conditions of Work and Promotion of Livelihoods in the Unorganised Sector

Leading economists have flayed the national poverty lines set by the As regards the recommendation of AGE for further modification including quantum of performance linked payments in system of performance related payments to Board level and below Board level executives, the Government has issued the guidelines for performance linked payments and incentives and also for constitution of Remuneration Committee as part of the revision of pay scales of CPSE executives.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. The commission has opted for the concept of defined contributions in its architecture of social security scheme for unorganised sector workers. Retrieved from ” https: Report on the Conditions of Work and poverty line, earning Rs 12 per day; the marginally poor, earning Rs 15; the vulnerable. Their per capita consumption has gone up from Rs 9 to Rs There are even recommendations that the shortfall in this interest rate of 10 per cent will be topped up by the National Social Security Fund and that State Boards may declare illusory?

The unanimous conclusions of aengupta Indian Labour Conference held in December had recommended: You are commenting using your WordPress.

The remaining recommendations which had far reaching implications were considered later and the Cabinet in their meeting held in June, decided that the matter may, in the first instance, be considered by a Group of Ministers GoM. The commission’s recommendations on social security resulted in sengipta enactment of the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act, The report is based on government data for the period between and Sengupta’s contribution to identifying the cross-linkages between extreme poverty and the downtrodden, C.

Arjun Sengupta arjuun January The entire increase in employment in this period in the organised sector over this period to has been informal in nature i. Hence, we arhun unsure whether the government of India also is willing to undertake even the very nominal contribution proposed by the commission! About 79 percent of the informal or unorganised workers belonged to this group without any legal protection of their jobs or working conditions or social security, living in abject poverty….


Arjun Kumar Sengupta

Retrieved 20 February Sengupta died of prostate cancerwhich was first diagnosed in In spite of a crackdown, its use continues. Sage Publications, https: How does one expect such workers to contribute Rs for buying the social security, when even their subsistence is a question mark?

reportt Uncategorized — odrf 7: The Arjun Sengupta Commission seeks to bring the agricultural workers also under the umbrella of its over arching scheme of social security for unorganised workers. These are obviously matters of serious concern to trade unions. In these two bodies representation had been given to NGOs and academics but not to trade unions.

In his subsequent role as the UN’s Independent Expert on Human Rights and Extreme Poverty, he wrote as many as six reports, including a mission report on extreme poverty in the United States. Last month, one more report and estimate were added to the list. Archived from the original on 21 July Similar is the case of unorganised sector workers, who do not get employment on a regular basis and in most cases are denied even the notified minimum wages.

The report of the Second National Commission on Labour has also emphasised this. The commission report fails to suggest measures to raise financial resources for implementing even the very limited scheme proposed by it.

The contribution rate prescribed by the commission for the worker is Re 1 per day totaling to Rs repoet annum, irrespective of the actual number of days worked.

If the right senfupta food, education, health are regarded as components reporrt a human right to development, the state has to accept the primary responsibility of delivering the right either on its own or in collaboration with others.

Delivering the Arjun Sengupta Memorial Lecture organised by the Indian Society of Labour Economics on 16 DecemberPrabhat Patnaik described Sengupta as an “iconoclast” and lauded the many roles he played “in his long and distinguished career.


Archived from the original on 28 September For them, being officially entitled to below-poverty-line BPL status can be a matter of life and death, as it promises access to a host of welfare schemes from cheap grains at ration shops to subsidised housing under the Indira Awaas Yojana. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The commission has failed to take into account the prescriptions and experiences available at the international level.


You are commenting using your Facebook account. The death and sickness benefits clmmittee be available only for the earning head of family. The recommendations regarding subsequent investment in successful and profitable JVs and JVs set up by Navratnas without any limit and removal of all restrictions on investment decisions within a period of 3 years would be considered after 3 years.

Report on Conditions of Work and Promotion of Livelihoods in the Unorganised Sector

The report suggests that the government frame the scheme as recommended by it and set up a national social security board to guide and monitor its implementation through similar boards at state level. This failure to factor in the beneficial aspects of state models tends to make the proposed scheme a non-starter.

RSS feed for comments on this post. That was the report by the expert group to review the methods and means of estimating poverty. It concentrates on a detailed analysis of the conditions of work and lives of the unorganised workers consisting of about 92 percent of the total workforce of about million as of Is it any wonder that those leaders who are seen to be reformers can never win the popular vote?

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. As Arjun Sengupta report has noted, the Ministry of Finance took a decision to close this scheme, due to paucity of funds, retaining the same for the workers registered till February 24, Arjuj is no need to point out that the unorganised workers in India fall entirely within the first of the three pillars noted above.

So, the definitions of poverty are sometimes difficult to understand.