Carole Maso. Ava Klein, thirty-nine, lover of life, world traveler, professor of comparative literature, is dying. From her hospital bed on this, her. All articles below are freely available for dowload as PDF documents. Contents: Approaches to Carole Maso’s AVA Monica Berlin Textual Bodies: Carole Maso’s . Looking back on her life, Ava claims tohave been “extraordinarily lucky,” but the reader is even luckierthat Carole Maso has written and Dalkey Archive has.

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I read the rest of the work almost in one sitting, and when I finished I wept for Ava Klein, for the beauty of Maso’s language, for the beauty of life, and for mortality — my own and that of the whole living world. Hers is the voice of pleasure, of astonishment, the voice of regret, the voice of gratitude as she caroke closer and closer to the “music that is silence.

Maso gives nods to Virginia Woolf, T. Oct 13, Michael rated it it was amazing. It requires a bit of detective work to tease out who these images are describing and to layer them into three dimensions as the book goes along– that the first husband, Francesco, was a filmmaker and her true match, a relationship that drowned in promiscuous sexuality of both parties.


Experimental Reading (and Reviewing): ‘Ava’ by Carole Maso

Pray the sound of bombs dropping does not become a kind of silence there. It is a true feminine text. The entire novel takes caro,e on the last day of Ava Klein’s life. Her first published novel was Ghost Dance, which appeared in One of the more beautiful things I’ve ever read. Francesco, a filmmaker from Rome; Anatole, lost in the air over France; Carlos, a teenager from Gr From her hospital bed on this, her last day on earth, she makes one final ecstatic voyage.

Ava almost parallels in reverse one of my favourite novels: Ava Klein is dying on the day Ge 3. You are a rare bird, Ava Klein. People, places, offhand memories, and imaginary things drift in and out of Ava’s consciousness and weave their way through the narrative.

It also presents the reader with space to interact with the images themselves. Francesco, a filmmaker from Rome; Anatole, lost in the air over France; Carlos, avs teenager from Granada. I predict that I will go back and reread them and try to find why I dogeared the page and be pleased when I remember why.

Ava by Carole Maso

From her hospital bed on this, her last day on earth, she makes one final ecstatic voyage. It engulfed me, heart and soul, and changed the way I thought about being a woman.


Notify me of new posts via email. Memories fail in the end.

Not perhaps the menage a trois he had in mind And the smell of mushrooms–and apples. It is very much up to you to put the blocks together to weave the strands of Ava’s life.

I began the novel and after fourteen pages was so overcome by the beauty of the text that I had to put it aside for two weeks. Tagged austin ava BookPeople carole maso review. What have we not done for No character in Beckett has ever admitted that existence is other than a cruel joke. Which, however, is all quite good. Return to Book Page. What an unusual book.

It allows to grapple with the many ways in which narrative can be organized, and it in turn breaks familiar patterns of how we read and understand literature. But I do think it’s worth it.

And it is a powerful text. Even the horrible memories jaso somehow makes beautiful: Each time I brought pen to paper the pen was empty of ink.