CC are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for CC CC datasheet, CC circuit, CC data sheet: TI – True System-on- Chip with Low Power RF Transceiver and MCU,alldatasheet, datasheet. CC PRELIMINARY Data Sheet (Rev. ) SWRSA. Page 1 of True System-on-Chip with Low Power RF Transceiver and

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I’ve re-worked all the rf register settings now and have also borrowed a windows laptop in order to use SmartRF Studio to compare with. I can’t remember how I got those numbers cc1110.

Hence it is not possible to program that with the standard tools. Simply install the sdcc package from your Linux distribution’s package installer.

CC1110 Datasheet

That’s it, your LED should now be flashing! Sign up using Email and Password. I’d imagine it will void any warranty.

datasjeet I used this package and it works well. Then there is a main function which is what gets executed when the XRF boots up.

WOR Mode for the TI CC1110

I have an Easy programmer from Mikroelektronika which uses the Flash software as shown below:. It does not mean there is an microcontroller explicitly embedded on CC evaluation modules.


Firstly, this includes the libraries for the cc chip. I’ve got more source code here: According to what I read and SmartRF, the frequency settings should be: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I’ve also been looking for a replacement for the SRF which I use.

You can get firmware from Ciseco which will take readings from temperature probes or active a relay and a few other uses: The following settings configure the radio to mhz. At this point you are supposed to install a Windows-only toolkit to use the cc-debugger.

I need to solder another of my test boards together and mess around with it. How do I program it?

I found the answer to this as well and would like to get back here. You were quite right, a mistake in the diagram. Do you know of there is a bootloader for the CC that datashert load the. Use git to download the source and then build it like so: If you see “no target detected” then you probably don’t have the XRF module wired up correctly.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Gadjet Nut 6 December at Perhaps it’s your makefile that included some compiler config that I haven’t applied.

flash – Programming CC using Easy Programmer – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Use cc-tool to upload to the connected XRF module with this command note, this is the point of no return, once you’ve ran this your XRF module will no longer work with any standard Ciseco firmware files: C1c110 have an Easy programmer from Mikroelektronika which uses the Satasheet software as shown below: Paul Hayes 21 November at Would be good just to find a simple “hello world” transmit and receive example somehwere.

This is what sdcc will do. Note that not all pins are present on the cc and even less are broken out to a physical pin on the XRF module.