basis of record Rudman, W. B. (). The Chromodorididae (Opisthobranchia: Mollusca) of the Indo-West Pacific: Chromodoris quadricolor. Find out what’s known about Sea Slugs, Chromodoris annae, Gastropoda, Nudibranchia, Chromodorididae, including their world range and habitats, feeding. Assumed maximum length from Ref. Members of the order Nudibranchia are simultaneous hermaphrodites. Mating behavior: Both individuals darts their.

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Comment on Chromodoris annae on sponge by Roberto Sozzani. Concerning the identity of your two animal. If you look in the top left corner of the photo, there seems to be a likely food sponge. I apologize if I’ve already sent you this one. This appears to be a C. If you would like to help out or know of a great video, photo or site about this species, let us know and we’ll notify you as soon as it is finished.

I think the clue to its identity is the punctate colour pattern on the mantle – that is the scattering of small darker pits all over the blue region.

Dear Carrie, This is Chromodoris annae. Although during mating their right sides need to be together, as their genital openings are just behind the rhinophores, their heads would need to be much closer together for mating to be physically possible. The Mars ocean hypothesis suggests that nearly a third of the surface of Mars was once covered by water, compounds such as salts and ammonia dissolved in water lower its freezing point so that water might exist in large quantities in extraterrestrial environments as brine or convecting ice.


Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link is on Wikidata. A species is defined as the largest group of organisms in which two individuals can produce fertile offspring, typically by sexual reproduction. I posted a photo of two colour ‘forms’ of Hypselodoris bullocki mating. Philip II of Spain. The chromodorid nudibranchs without Cadlina are now monophyletic and turn out to be a sister to the family Actinocyclidae.

Dear Bill, I found these two photos in which a Chromodoris annae seems really interested in some ascidians Didemnum molle.

Sea Slugs, Chromodoris annae ~

The nudibranch, Glossodoris atromarginata. At 1, square kilometres, Indonesia is the worlds 14th-largest country in terms of area and worlds 7th-largest country in terms of combined sea. Bill- I agree with your suggestion that the digital camera memory being overloaded, etc. The country is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural, which plays a role in politics. If you compare the two photographs, a part of the color of mantle changes white in a moment. Dear Bill, I am not sure what you are able to do.

Chromodoris annae Scientific classification Kingdom: Indonesias major trading partners are Japan, United States, China, the Indonesian archipelago has been an important region for trade since at least the 7th century, when Srivijaya and then later Majapahit traded with China and India.

The animal in your photo. German protectorate Schutzgebiet of the Marshall Islands Dear Bill, I am a nudibranch fanatic.

Description & Behavior

I hope this can be of interest to you. The estimate of 85, molluscs includes 24, described species of terrestrial gastropods, different estimates for aquatic gastropods give about 30, species of marine gastropods, and about 5, species of freshwater and brackish gastropods.


The upper pair of tentacle s on the head of Helix pomatia have eye spots, but the main sensory organs of the snail are sensory receptors for olfactionsituated in the epithelium of the tentacles. Numerous molluscs also live in freshwater and terrestrial habitats and they are highly diverse, not just in size and in anatomical structure, but also in behaviour and in habitat.

That’s why its always helpful if we have a combination of colours to define a species. Clay Bryce, April 27, Chromodoris annae? However, when I focused in on the rhinophores I saw that the left one was trifurcated. Gastropoda are a part of the phylum Mollusca, and are the most highly diversified class in the phylum, with 65, to 80, living snail.

The world ocean is the habitat ofknown species, but because much of it is unexplored, the origin of Earths oceans remains unknown, oceans are thought to have formed in the Hadean period and may have been the impetus for the emergence of life.

Spindle diagrams are typical for Evolutionary taxonomy. But an estimate of the number of Mollusca, including undescribed species, is aboutspecies. Magic Crack Crawling length: Marli Wakeling, October 6, Mating of different species From: Just thought it would be nice to share these pictures of Chromodoris willani [upper], C.

I wonder if it has a strange distribution pattern where it stops at Western Australia and Papua New Guinea? Views Read Edit View history.