The vendor is undaunted despite revealing that Comcast will look booted from Comcast’s Next-Generation on Demand (NGOD) architecture. Services Architecture (ISA) and the Comcast-led Next Generation on Demand ( NGOD) architecture, which are used throughout the industry. innovator in the universal edge resource management (UERM) category, stated that it support both Comcast’s next-generation on-demand (NGOD) and Time.

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Scale with Large Networks As On Demand Services become more popular, the number of potential resources that may be used in a particular session may grow very large. Table 14 — TuneAway ActionLink definition Upon receiving a resource request from ngor Session Manager the resource manager will commit a resource from its resource pool that matches the resource requirements specified in the resource request. This is provided if the request specified the globalAlias.

SortParams Must ngor present if SortButtons is present.


Table 54 — RatingControl This resource manager then requests the transport network to reserve network bandwidth between itself and its down stream neighbor and passes the data plane transport parameters for the chosen resource in the RTSP Setup Response 4.

At least one of account or deviceID must be provided. Will eventually be phased out as system transition to “folderPAID”.? It is allowed that the Session Manager specifies a list of potential resources to each resource manager which each independently select a specific resource for the session.

Concurrent is taking the hit in stride, holding that what it won’t get with Comcast, it can make up via other VOD growth opportunities in North America, as well as budding markets in Europe and Asia. A string indicating the location of the client. Because of this, the network can tolerate the failure of any number of nodes or links as long as the remaining nodes are still connected and maintain a valid database.

Element This represents that this folder is a special action. The order that resource managers must be contacted is opposite of the order that the MPEG stream flows through the data plane components. Language Defaults to English. See text Only present if ‘Y’. Necessary parameter values are provided in the Parameter Element. For example if you do not run the system near the edge, the probability of failure is extreme low. Substantial modifications in Section 5.


Concurrent Not in Comcast’s VOD Future | Light Reading

Prior to revision I03D04, locality has been implemented as a 3-character value composed of decimal digits, corresponding to the ID of the VOD Server responsible for streaming content to a particular household. For each Title, a SelectableItem element will be present.

One method is to make the Session Manager the concast arbiter for the resource allocation for a particular session. It is then up to the Session Manager to further validate all the selected resources for the session.

Getting to OTT 2. The element indicating the association value may be a target label, a quick id, a source id, or a call sign.

This phrase means that there may exist comacst reasons in particular circumstances when comcastt listed behavior is acceptable or even useful, but the full implications should be understood and the case carefully weighed before implementing any behavior described with this label. The identifier of a Movie or Preview content file. The evaluate then reserve paradigm has the potential for failing, causing the process to restart.

Use Open Protocols The architecture should enable the use of open, standardized protocols for resource allocation. These referenced documents may contain requirements that are implicitly included in this document.

Display as Last Chance “N”: Resources such as Edge Devices or Encryption Engines that connect to the IP network can be considered to be topologically different if nngod exist in different subnets. This results in an architectural goal to use a single protocol for all resource signaling between the session manager and resource managers.

Concurrent Not in Comcast’s VOD Future

IP networks have chosen a distributed approach to both path selection and bandwidth management for a number of reasons: A keyboard icon displayed with a keyword search and a magnifying glass vomcast a category search. Added Response Message to NavCheck: Specified max lengths of logoKey and imageLocation to be char.


This may contain several fields separated by a VOD system defined delimiter. Nfod this type of implementation, the Session Manager or resource manager implemented using 2 different state machines layered on top of each other. This is the maximum number of SelectableItems that will be returned.

Revenues were about the same for both years: An Action Link may synthesize child folders. Models that use an optimistic approach to resource allocation have lower session setup latency but also exhibit a low probability of optimal resource allocation.

While each resource manager may have many resources to choose from for a particular session, there may be a small number of resource combinations that meet the routing and resource requirements for the session.

Otherwise the NS will determine the resume-point. The architecture needs to support optimized resource allocation when many potential resources for a particular session exist. Once the resource manager reserves resources it passes cocmast data plane transport parameters associated with the resources it reserved in another RTSP Setup 2 message. It may send them all in parallel, all serially, or some comcasf. If not passed will default to English.

Minimal Session Setup Latency The architecture should be designed to result in minimal session setup latency. Other potential candidates can be excluded comxast on required bandwidth for all elements and presence of the file s on the ntod server.

Element Element This represents that this folder is a special action. Table 48 — SessionStart Request A QP comprises parameters that condition the results of a query. In a recent K filing, Concurrent revealed Comcast Corp.