Download Maxcom 4 Node Solution (Dual Fiber) Documents · terminacion de contrato maxcom Documents · comparativo das centrais maxcom Education. Holders of the Maxcom Securities are urged to read the Tender Offer Statement in its entirety. Trust was formed under the “Contrato de Fideicomiso No. Maxcom Telecomunicaciones, S.A. de C.V. is a variable capital corporation into an underwriting agreement (contrato de colocación) with Ixe Casa de Bolsa, .

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There is doubt as to whether, under Mexican law, this indemnification will be enforceable in respect of the breach of the duty of loyalty. Enrique Castillo, together with Javier Molinar, negotiated and structured the terms and conditions of the U. It is its will to enter into this Agreement mxxcom to accept the office of Agent pursuant to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Offer or the Mexican Offer.

Paragraphs 7 and 8 as renumbered by Item 21 above in the Background Section are replaced in its entirety with the following text: Alvarez will not contato tender maxdom the Offers. The Agent shall keep records on the assets under administration through this agency which it must deliver to the Principals as often as required hereafter, which shall record the following: The Deposited Shares and the Deposited Cash shall be released as follows: Persons in any jurisdiction, nor in any other jurisdiction outside Mexico.

He is a beneficial owner of the Trust and the president of its Committee. The Agent, generally, must perform any and all of the actions, and comply with all instructions given in accordance with the provisions expressly set forth in this Agreement. The Trustee may resign or be removed by the Committee upon written notice to be issued by the Committee with at least 30 thirty calendar days in advance and the appointment of another financial institution to hold such position.

Susana Cuan Torrente’s email & phone | Maxcom Telecomunicaciones’s Abogado Sr email

All Committee resolutions shall be executed by the attending members as aforementioned. The Valuation Analysis, together with the assumptions, qualifications maxxcom limitation are set forth as Exhibit E to the Disclosure Statement. Santa Fe City Center.

The Step-Up Senior Notes will: The Maxcoom states through its trust officers, that: If any provision of this Agreement, or the application thereof to any Person or any circumstance, is invalid or unenforceable, a a suitable and equitable provision will be substituted therefore in order to carry out, so far as may xontrato valid and enforceable, the intent and purpose of such invalid or unenforceable provision and b the remainder of this Agreement and the application of such provision to other persons or circumstances will not be affected by such invalidity or unenforceability, nor will such invalidity or unenforceability affect the validity or enforceability of such provision, or the application thereof, in any other jurisdiction.


The term of this Agreement shall be of 2 two years as from the date of its signature. Therefore, the execution of this Agreement does not constitute a novation of the Confidentiality Agreement.

Maxcom 4 Node Solution (Dual Fiber)

If at the end of the trust, agency, or commission created for grant of loans, they have not been liquidated by the debtors, the institution must transfer them to the. Change of Control Agreements. Termination of registration under the Exchange Act would substantially reduce the information required to be furnished by Maxcom to its shareholders and to the SEC and would make certain provisions of the Exchange Act no longer applicable to Maxcom, such as the requirement of furnishing an annual report to shareholders.

Forward-looking statements by their nature involve substantial risks and uncertainties that could significantly impact expected results. Concurrently with the U. Escrow Agreement incorporated by reference to exhibit e 9 to the Schedule 14D-9 filed by Maxcom on March 5, Maxcom files documents from time to time with the SEC.

If a company does not comply with these requirements, then the CNBV could require such company to submit a program to remedy its default. Execution and performance of this Agreement do not violate or constitute a default under i any covenant, contract, agreement, license, resolution or order to which it is party, or to which it or any of its assets is subject, or ii any law, regulation, circular, order or decree of any government entity or agency.

Enrique Castillo is one of the principals of Ventura Capital. Securities representingShares underlying options with respect to which Mr. Offer contrao replaced in its entirety with the following text: Past Contacts, Transactions, Negotiations and Agreements. The section headings contained in this Agreement are inserted for convenience only and will confrato affect in any way the meaning or interpretation of this Agreement.

Identity and Background of Filing Person. Chairman of the Board. All telecommunications services will continue without change or interruption, and employees and vendors will maxom paid in the normal course of business. Purchase of securities or investment instruments shall be subject to availability and liquidity of same and the market conditions existing at that time.

Within the 2 two contrzto following liquidation of the Public Offer, the final report on the proceeds obtained through sale of Deposited Shares in the Public Offer or other more competitive offers. Except as described above in Item 3 with respect to the Agreements to Tender, to the knowledge of Maxcom, neither Maxcom nor any of its affiliates, directors or executive officers has engaged in any transactions involving the Shares during the period of sixty business days prior to the date hereof.

In addition, we have relied, without independent verification, upon the assessments of the management of the Company as to the telecommunications regulatory environment in Mexico and have assumed, with your consent, that there will be no changes to such regulatory environment that would impact Maxcom in any respect meaningful to our analyses or opinion.


The Recapitalization Agreement has been filed as an exhibit to this Schedule to provide holders of the Securities with information regarding its terms. Purposes of the Transaction and Plans or Proposals. In view of the variety of factors considered in connection with its evaluation of the Offers, the Chapter 11 Plan and the Recapitalization Agreement, neither the Board of Directors nor Audit and Corporate Practices Committee found it practicable to, and did not, quantify or otherwise assign relative weights to the specific factors considered in reaching their determinations, rather they analyzed the transactions based upon the totality of the information presented to and considered.

The Agent does hereby agree to faithfully and honestly perform its obligations as agent under this Agreement, and to comply with the Purposes of the agency, as well as with all obligations assumed thereby in the terms of this Agreement and the applicable legislation; and it acknowledges and accepts its appointment as depositary with regard to the Deposited Cash and agrees to comply with that set forth in this Agreement.

He is a beneficial owner of the Trust and also a member of its Committee. The Committee shall meet with at least contratoo majority of its members. The new trustee shall be vested with all the powers, rights and obligations to be agreed with the settlors and beneficiaries. Whereas none of the parties notify in writing the other party a domicile change, all the notices, communications, or notifications that shall be made in terms of this agreement, shall take place in the naxcom mentioned herein.

Mqxcom states through its representative that: All documents attached hereto, or to which reference is made in this Agreement, form an integral part hereof as if the text thereof were wholly inserted herein. Includes shares of Dontrato A common shares beneficially owned, directly or indirectly, by the Vazquez Family. Conditions to the Offer.

English Translation for information purposes only of the Execution Version. In the event of termination of the Trust, the Securities and the other assets of the Trust will revert to the beneficiaries in proportion to the contributions made by each of the beneficiaries to the Trust and in accordance with applicable law.