Keep on the Shadowfell is a Dungeons & Dragons adventure designed for characters of levels It includes three double-sided poster maps suitable for use with D&D miniatures, [Collapse] Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition products edit. best), an adventure (such as Keep on the Shadowfell), and dice. D&D 4th Edition Final Development Strike Team. Mike Mearls and Bruce. Hello everyone. I’m planning to run a campaign using keep on the shadowfell. I have 4 PC and was wondering whether I would have to scale.

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The booklets have nice covers and the interior is black type on white paper, separated by decorated section titles. There are better adventures for 4e, and better to start the game with. Results 1 to 10 of Whatever path you take, you may want Orcus to remain relevant in your campaign, a source of inspiration may be the Ashen Covenanta PDF that describes factions within the largest, broadest Cult of Orcus.

I hope they thr a printable template, so we can fill in our own powers.

Thanks for the update. Sounds interesting, I might have to check this out. At what point have these people decided that everything kicking around in their head and the world is enough!

4E So you want to run Keep on the Shadowfell

I reviewed a store copy of the adventure and I refrained from spoiling the actual content of the adventure. Sign up using Facebook. Thursday, 21st February, New DMs and DMs new to 4e might find that useful but even once you learn the rules, the adventure is lacking without some work on your part. These fixes or mods or what-have-yous don’t need to be official WOTC ones, though that would be preferred. There is one surprise round based on what PC flubs a perception roll vs a set number which may be a take 10 equivalent and a later one where PCs play vs monster perception.


Chatty’s Review: D&D 4e’s Keep on the Shadowfell

The booklet then presents three optional adventure hooks including quests with gold and XP rewards that the DM can choose to start the adventure. Every single feat from 3.

We really okay with this. There’s also some shasowfell and other discussion; be sure to read the thread at community. Although I confess that this would imply a group designing characters together… which I doubt will happen unless said group is facing an adverserial DM. It made me feel more like a Paladin, and less like a Fighter with some healing.

All of this is packaged in a sleek, light cardboard portfolio. Keep on the Shadowfell — 5 or 20 May? What is with people already being against 4E — Why are you making your mind up now.

But they said they were about as problematic as AoOs and flanking are in 3e. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Thanks for the review…it gave some helpful info. Makes me feel better about my preorder.


I was looking forward to the new rules mostly for the rumor of simplification 3. But not to worry, see point 2. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. It was released before the core 4th Edition rulebooks were made available, and includes pre-generated characters and a condensed version of many game rules. It refocuses combats, removes encounters or shifts them in time, to make a more believable and enjoyable experience.

Keep on the Shadowfell – Wikipedia

I agree the rogue seems to have a lot of neat abilities. Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. First, consider the efforts to tie all the adventures together very strongly.

Just in case you want more encounters, skill challenges, or an optional variety of monsters: You may instead want to branch out into making up your own games. It is common knowledge at this point that KOTSF is broken in many ways, the first combat an ambush, go figure alone is proof enough of that statement. The adventure is designed for characters from levels 1 to 3. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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