Common KnowledgeSeriesVamp Chronicles Diary of a Vampeen by Christin Lovell, 1. Vamp Yourself for War (Vamp Chronicles, #2) by Christin Lovell, 2. Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles #1) by Christin Lovell. Title; Diary of a On to book two; Vamp Yourself For War! Posted by Claire G at. Buy Vamp Yourself for War by Christin Lovell (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices Such a wonderful follow up from ‘Diary of a Vampeen’.

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I love that it had more action, love even though it had some sad parts it did have vaampeen lot of happy ones too. Thank you for the advice it was helpful.

Vamp Chronicles

And Mel, Lexi’s best friend, was really only a cheerleader for her. We have delighted in watching you grow as writter. It had vivid descriptions, I could picture everything Lex was talking about! The series will remain a young adult series all the way through.

Currently there are 7 books planned for the series. It kept changing Alessandro to Alejandro. Hey christin I just wanted to ask if you have any updated on the book.

First off I must say that since I have read the books the covers have been changed. If you want to force a particular order, use the character to divide the number and the descriptor. I love these books! Fingers crossed that they will put it up quickly!

Those are the best. In the first book you said Kellans fathers name was spelled Alessandro instead of Alejandro and why does Kellan think Lexi loves Kai?


Wish they were films. The action, the drama, it keeps the plot moving. Definitely focus vampen school though! It sort of has a happy ending too. You are the first writer to pull dizry my heart strings with Lexi.

And I Agree with a post that I saw saying that you should sign a movie deal, this would do great in theaters!!!!!!!!! There was a character that everyone could relate to in some way and the ending was perfect.

It seems many have not read the updates on this series. A pysocpathic Vamp This is a page turning novel which is YA. Dec 18, Heidi Townley rated it it was ok. Never allow yourself to be defined by how others perceive you to be; allow your actions, the unspoken strength within you to shine through and represent the amazing person that you are.

Vamp Chronicles (Young Adult) Series in Order – Christin Lovell – FictionDB

When I got a hold of your books Twilight went out the window! Is that what you were asking? And finally, the part that really got fro me was Lexi’s change from overweight to thin overnight because she became a vampeen. I absolutely plan to write more.

I read both of her books like 10 times! Hey, um… maybie Led should get a travle buddy, like dog vqmp bird ferret I k. For now though, you could always purchase it on Smashwords www. I love the love triangle between kellan and kai.

Diary of a Vampeen

I love your books they are so addictive I love the Vamp Chronicles the most though I cant wait to read the 4th your book va,p absolutely amazing yoursflf I got my teacher. Break is not the same thing as brake. We are loving readers who want more. To ask other readers questions about Diary of a Vampeenplease sign up.


Hope you can write super fast. Honestly, I didn’t like this book. After reading a few chapters of the first book I instantly felt a conection between Lexi and I the similarities between us almost scaired me.

Vamp Chronicles

Thank you so much for sharing! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world!

You do va,peen need expressed permission to mention movies, brands, songs, etc in books. Here’s the writing and trust me, there’s little improvement in the writing and spelling from beginning to end. Any news on when the 4th book will yoursel out? Still in bampeen writing phase for book 4. Anyhow, I was glad see previous posts stating there will be 7 books in all.

Reflections by Christin Lovell. I will forever read your books!!! Now don’t get me wrong I loved the twilight series and nothing compares to them, but Christin didn’t even try to write her book like twilight. They were so addicting that I read them in about a week. I absolutely love these books! The way she makes her main character to be insecure just like a normal girl would be, and the way the friendship really stood there no matter what, was something I normally don’t see on other books.

For me, that was just like losing a big piece of my book.