Digital Forensics Magazine Article on forgeries in the Sledgehammer and Ergenekon cases. 04 Mart GENEL, IN ENGLISH · DFM In the Digital Forensics. Mahkeme gerekçeli kararında, Ermeni Soykırımı’nın gerek İsviçre’de gerekse genel Ergenekon davaları nedeniyle yurt dışına çıkış yasağı olan Perinçek. O bombaları imha kararı veren mahkeme de o bombaları görmedi” iddiasında bulundu. 46’sı tutuklu 86 sanığın yargılandığı Ergenekon davasının bugün . daha önceki gerekçeler ve sanıklarla ilgili sevk maddeleri dikkate.

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For details, see folder of the indictment’s annex. LGBT communities do not have any legal protections.

Ergenekon hakimleri için HSYK soruşturması | GAZETE VATAN

This marriage lasted for two years. Turkey has a passive electoral registration system maintained by the Supreme Election Board.

Citizens have the effective opportunity to take binding decisions on issues of importance to them through either popular initiatives or referendums. A significant share of media owners jarar industrial conglomerates with interests that conflict with freedom of the press and opinion, and some have close relationships with the government. The courts convicted 1, of the defendants, acquitted individuals and suspended judgment in other cases. In the Penal Courts of Peace established in Julysingle judges have the authority to issue search warrants and approve detentions and the seizure of property.

Foreign companies still cannot be majority stakeholders in domestic media companies.

Legal regulations are consistent, but leave a large scope of discretion to the government or administration. Three years later he transferred to Milliyetalong with Yener. Few cases of discrimination are ergenekpn. If the independent candidate fails to be elected, this fee is registered as revenue by the Treasury.

Court protection is not effective. It is not yet clear whether a notarization for each signature will be required. However, sincepoliticization of the kwrar has been increasing. The Regulation on Procedure and Basis of Application of the Civil Servants Ethical Behavior Principles defines civil service restrictions, conflicts of interest and incompatibilities.


Insulting the president is a crime in Turkey punishable by up to four years in jail. Insulting the president is a criminal offense, with thousands of people facing gerrekceli in prison.

A law on a constitutional amendment adopted by a two-thirds majority of the Assembly directly or upon the return of the law by the president may be submitted to a referendum by the president. Finally, courts are known to unfairly discriminate. An independent candidate who secures a majority of votes in his or her electoral district is allowed to take a parliamentary seat without regard to the nationwide threshold. Candidates and parties have largely equal opportunities of access to the media and other means of communication.

Access to Government Information 4. Diversified ownership structures characterize both the electronic and print media market, providing a well-balanced pluralism of opinions. Inthe parliament passed a law facilitating voting for Turkish citizens who ergrnekon not living or present in Turkey during elections Law United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In Julythe State of Emergency Procedures Investigation Commission was established to receive the complaints from people who have been affected by the ongoing state of emergency.

According to Article 67 of the constitution, all citizens over 18 years old have the right to take part in referendums. The other two convicts karra large, who have Turkish first names and have not been sighted, are Kemal Kosba and Tuncay Bubay. Discriminating registration procedures for elections are widespread and prevent a large number of potential candidates or parties from participating.

However, there are occasional attempts to exert influence.

Ina total of 1, public civil servants across 26 institutions were provided ethics training. In addition, independents can run as a presidential candidate if they collect at leastsignatures certified by a public notary, which creates a financial obstacle for candidates.

The visibility of opposition members in the news media gradually deteriorated. The Constitutional Court ruled that it is beyond its authority to review state of emergency decrees. Many cases of discrimination can be observed. In addition, the armed forces still wield some civilian judicial influence, as two military judges are members of the Constitutional Court. A total of 82 applications were made between January and November In some cases, journalists have simply been fired.


B2 to people providing solid guarantee of returning to Turkey ibid. Intimidation of journalists, up to and including physical attacks, has taken place.

In recent years, referendums were held to amend the constitution. The rules for party and campaign financing do not effectively enforce the obligation to make the donations public. This fee is held by the revenue department of the provincial election board where the candidate is standing for election. Government and administration sometimes make unpredictable decisions that go beyond given legal bases or do not conform to existing legal regulations.

Major media outlets are frequently influenced by the incumbent government promoting its partisan political objectives.

Conflicts of interest are not broadly deemed a concern, and there is no eregnekon asset-declaration system in place for elected and appointed public officials. Can assented to lending his name as manager of the organization, though he says he did not take part in any of its activities.

Amirallere suikast iddianamesi kabul edildi

Popular decision-making is also possible at the local level. Discrimination is widespread in the public sector and in society. The closure of media outlets, the appointment of trustees to control media groups, and the active use of the tax authority, the financial crimes unit and courts against critical media intensified. However, he denies that the report said he was homosexual. Though these cases can be reopened in future. Few companies dominate the media, most programs are biased, and there is evidence that certain opinions are not published or are marginalized.

A number of physical attacks on media outlets and journalists took place. Access to Information