Feature: for medium temperatures > °C or frequent changes in temperature. 0 to 1 bar – 0 to 60 bar relative, 0 to 1 bar – 0 to 25 bar absolute; Medium. HART® interface; Optional explosion protection [Ex ia] according to ATEX, GOST- R, DNV; Linearity %; Turn down: ; Simple operation with rotary knob. Get this from a library! Farmacevtska tehnologija. Del 1, Praktikum. [Julijana Kristl ; Jelka Šmid-Korbar; Stanko Srčič].

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Nivo | Farmacevtska tehnologija | Branže | JUMO

Solid state analysis confirmed unaltered physical state of the granulate components and the absenceof interactions between the active and excipients. URL – Presentation file, Visit http: Hydrophilic polyetilenglycol and hydrophobic meltable binder glyceryl palmitostearate were used for in situ fluidized hot melt granulation. Granule shape was affected by interplay of binder content, farmacevtskw particle size and granulation time. The effect of the Wurster gap and fluidizing air flow rate on gas-solidflow was analyzed in both simulations and experiments.

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Farmacevtska tehnologija: Praktikum. Del 1

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A rather good agreement between the simulated and experimental results was observed and farmacwvtska it can be assumeed that this particular simulation setup represents a computationally reasonable tool that provides a valuable insight into the Wurster coating process due to the impact of two-phase flow properties on the process. Besides the nature and amount of binder, the mechanism of agglomerate formation seems to have an impact on drug dissolution rate.

The results obtained indicate that conventional fluid bedgranulator may be suitable for production of highly spherical agglomerates,particularly when immersion and layering is dominant agglomeration mechanism. You have to log in to leave a faracevtska.

CFD simulations were performed in a 2D axisymmetric space using the two-fluid model. Voting is allowed only to logged in users.

Your browser does not allow JavaScript! Experimentally, the draft tube two-phase flow was evaluated by measuring the volume fraction of pellets within the draft tube and local particle velocities at the tube exit and by monitoring the local pressure drop fluctuations. Granule size was mainly influenced by binder particle size. Binder content was shown to be important for narrow size distribution and goodflow properties. Pellet coating is commonly performed in a fluid bed coater such as a Wurster coater.


The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of binder content, binder particle size, granulation time and inlet air flow rate on granule sizeand size distribution, granule shape and flowability, as well as on drug farmacevteka rate.

Tlak | Farmacevtska tehnologija | Branže | JUMO

Javascript is necessary for the proper functioning of this website. Farmacevrska fluid dynamics CFD simulations and experimental measurements of laboratory-scale Wurster coating were performed. You have to log in to leave a comment.

The results of the present study far,acevtska that fluidized hot melt granulation is a promising powder agglomeration technique for spherical granules production. URL – Presentation file, Visit http: Voting is allowed only to logged in users. Javascript is necessary for the proper functioning of this website.