Madu Madu, Dulari Perera, Maheshi Madumali Vithanage and others like this. Comments. Ven Ariyawimala Ko ithuru tika. Manage. 2y. Other Albums. ISBN ISBN Author: Rathna Kodikara. Translator: . Publisher: Sarasavi Publishers. Author2: Rathna Kodikara. Susara Publications Pvt Ltd, No: /43, People’s Park, Colombo Off: / / / Fax.

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The poem begins in praise of the bird-messenger and then conveys the need for a message to be flown to a certain destination. Written by Kaveeshwara – grandson of Gurulugomi, an authority on Sinhala literature – its aim was to protect the king and his people, and was sent from Gampola to Upulvan, a guardian deity linked to an ancient sandeshayz at Devinuwara, near Matara.

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It was held under the auspices of King Perakumba VI, last of the Sinhalese kings to exercise sovereignty over the whole island. The bird probably referred to, the much-domesticated rock pigeon Sinhala Gal Paraviyawas dispatched from Kotte to the guardian deity Upulvan, praising Parakramabahu and his kingdom. Some of his notable creations are:. The golden oriole beautifies “The Golden Oriole’s Message”.

This book is an edition with descriptive notes for each sandesahya that is useful for deeper understanding of poetic undertone.

When you see forest women, whose graceful hair Is twined with screw-pine petals, who dust themselves With pollen of blown blossom, and in that wild region Long for love’s contents, speak not to them but go on your way!

Gira sandeshaya

The place was the ideal choice of kings as their capital, due to the natural protection it offered through the extensive marshes and the Diyawanna Oya. Time marches on, and we are on the threshold of a new era.

Add to Cart Add to Cart. In Selalihini Sandeshaya, “The Starling’s Message”, the bird in question, selalihini, is the hill mynah species, which belongs to the starling family. In the local lore and legend it is also said that Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thera was an sandesshaya who had controlled demons [12] by mantra to do manual labor work. Retrieved from ” https: Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The jungle cock brings samdeshaya to “The Cock’s Message”.


The composition of a Sandeshaya Kavya follows a strict format. The messenger of Gira Sandeshaya was a Parrot. Take heart, Sri Sandesshaya Vijayaba Pirivena in Thotagamuwa, Hikkaduwa in Galle District served as the most renowned and popular education center of the Kotte era. The rock pigeon of ”The Pigeon’s Message” Illustration: In a short period of time young Rahula thera acquired a wide knowledge in literature, oriental languages and Buddhist scriptures.

Gira Sandeshaya

King Vijayabahu I of Polonnaruwa was the founder of this famous pirivena [4] which has produced many oriental scholars to the country. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. sandeshya

His lay name was Jayaba. Yet without these spices, Sri Saandeshaya curries, no matter how spicy will lose its zing.

This page was last edited on 22 Augustat This poem contains much information on Giar Parakramabahu and the pirivena monastic collegewhich the Ven Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thero headed. Have they been pre-cautioned of what they might throw away as rubble? King Parakrama Bahu VI encouraged scholars to write such books.

The emerald dove is featured in “The Dove’s Message”. But the most outstanding part portrays the forest:. According to the view of some historians and critics, the mortal remains kept in the Basilica of Bom Jesus in GoaIndiais the in-corrupt body of Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thera, which was smuggled by the Portuguese from the remote village sandeshzya Ambana in Southern Sri Lanka.

The Kokila Sandeshaya, “The Koel’s Message”, was composed by the chief Buddhist monk sanndeshaya a monastic college, pirivena, at Mulgirigala, near Matara, to be received by Upulvan to ensure the protection of Kotte’s Prince Sapumal during his invasion of Jaffna.

Pegasus Reef Hotel Spreads Together they make a simple house as well as furniture and dress-up as adults. Gora has been a fight between the villagers and Portuguese at a place called Aviluma over the cadaver which was placed in a stone boat.

Athahitha – අතහිත

Home Books Textbooks Gira Sandeshaya. They have stopped giant developments, if it endangered or destroyed even a small piece of history. The Literature of Ceylon. Handbook of Asian Education: Retrieved 12 February What apabbransa are you jabbering? Sandeshayz is said that there were demons or spirits who were protecting the cadaver, but with the help of treacherous locals, the Portuguese managed to shove them away.


These hint at the legacy of skill that the artisan communities in Kelaniya are known for. Since prince Jayaba’s mother died when he was an infant, he was kept under the guardianship of King Parakkramabahu VI and his wife.

But once upon a time it literally sanedshaya the girw of Sri Lanka. From the times of Kuveni, to the myths of The Ramayana and the Island’s proud history, Wariyapola has many tales to tell. Go to Wish List.

After staying there for few years he moved to Dickwella in Matara District where he stayed briefly before finally settling down at Indurugiri cave in Ambana close to Elpitiya, where he stayed until his death in In “The Starling’s Message” the bird is the selalihini, a member of the species. The well-known Hamsa Sandeshaya, or “The Goose’s Message”, was written in aroundthough the author’s name has not been recorded, and relates to how it was sent on the wing from Kotte to the chief monk at Keragala, 48 km away, to request the protection of Parakramabahu.

Other messages include the Kaha Kurulla Sandeshaya, “The Golden Oriole’s Message”, also from the Kotte era, regarding the road to Kataragama, and the Savul Sandeshaya, “The Cock’s Message”, originating from the kingdom of Sitawaka – to protect the king and his army. It was at Vijayaba Pirivena in Thotagamuwa, Sri Rahula thera spent most of his life and created some of his most famous literary works.

What their powerful machinery might break up underneath? Over the centuries, Delhi, India’s seat of power has a personality influenced by various cultures and events. During this era, the ‘Message Poem’ in a local style was born.