Programming Languages: History and Fundamentals (Automatic In , Jean Sammet was a programming language technology manager for the Federal. Jean Sammet: Programming Language. Contributor and Historian, and. ACM President. Thomas J. (Tim) Bergin. American University. Editor: Thomas Haigh. Jean E. Sammet, History of IBM’s technical contributions to high level programming languages, IBM Journal of Research and Development, v n.5, p.

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Jean Sammet | Computer History Museum

Sammet states that she fought her way to give a paper at SIGNUM because the group was not interested in non-numerical analysis of that kind of an activity. Sammet started work in the computer field languagess Sperry Gyroscope in and supervised the company’s first scientific programming group.

Sammet had a strong interest in mathematics but was unable to attend the Bronx High School of Science because it did not accept girls. March 31, 1. Sammet decided to leave Sperry to work for a company with computers as its focal point. She is doing consulting programjing also working on the second edition of her programming languages book. She was president of the ACM jran to and is a world authority on the history of programming languages.

Sammet Programmed before Programming Was a Thing. Progrmming toshe worked for Sylvania as a staff consultant for programming research and a member of the original COBOL group. She agreed to participate in an in-house training program to learn about punched card accounting machines. In she became the divisional program manager for Ada, with responsibility for coordinating the strategy and actions for IBM’s Federal Systems Division to start the use of Ada. In she became software technology manager for FSD; in that capacity she continued samet general and Ada language responsibilities and also managed a department to assess and advise on software technology for the division.


She has also been active in various other professional organizations and committees in the language and standards areas. A post shared by Gillian Jacobs gillianjacobs on Mar 24, at 9: Sammet has earned several awards and honors for her significant contribution and achievements.

Her book Programming Languages: Between and she held various positions in the IBM Jfan Systems Division FDS involving planning, internal consulting, and lecturing on programming languages. She holds a B.

Convert log data to table format using new Log Analytics capabilities. She spent time working on mathematical analysis problems for clients and ran an analog computer.

History and Fundamentals was published by Prentice-Hall and has been described by others as “the standard work on programming languages” and lnaguages “instant computer classic.

The group produced other system software and focused on scientific and engineering computations. In fall ofLabguages taught one of the earliest graduate-level courses in computer programming in the Applied Mathematics department of Adelphi College now University on Long Island.

Journal for Education Leadership. Inshe returned to the position of programming language technology manager to concentrate on programming programmming she continued her involvement with Ada standardization, both internally and externally.

Jean E. Sammet – Wikipedia

Views Read Edit View history. Interview with Kubernetes Pioneer Tim Languagges. Sammet took to the electronic accounting machines, but was unable to work with the machines after her training was complete.


She served as conference and program chairman for the very successful Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Manipulation, held in March Miss Sammet organized and supervised the first scientific programming group for Sperry Gyroscope Company, What we’ve shipped in Sammet faced resistance from the interest group on numerical analysis progeamming ACM. I was star struck! She has given numerous lectures and talks on the subjects of nonnumerical mathematics, symbolic computation, and programming languages general, specific, and historical.

Feature image progrqmming Teepublic.

Jean E Sammet: The Inventor of FORMAC Programming Language

Sammet encouraged this based on her recognition that ACM had no realistic way of communicating with the membership. But soon Sammet was working at Sperry Corporation, a long-standing electronics company that was first founded in Brooklyn in Electronic ComputersVol. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jean and her sister Helen were born to Harry and Ruth Sammet who were both lawyers.

Around orSammet noticed a need for the exchange of intellectual information with others working with languages and software while she worked on FORMAC. From toshe served as a key member of the committee that developed COBOL, which became the standard programming language for business applications around the world.