Kepital® F Datasheet. Acetal (POM) Copolymer. Supplied by Korea Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. Create your free Prospector account to view this. Informationen on KEPITAL® F POM grade from Korea Engineering Plastics Co. Ltd. KEPITAL’s product range, from standard unfilled grades to specialties, is .. Shear strength of KEPITAL F at various temperatures. (ASTM D, t 3 mm, .

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The fatigue property is dependant on the frequency of increasing temperature and various stresses ranges as shown in Figure Specific heat Specific heat refers to the calories required to raise the temperature of a unit mass of material by one degree. The shrinkage value, provided by KEP can be utilized in designing a part in prototype step. Thermal properties Thermal properties are important elements for keital the processing krpital of a plastic material and service temperature of a finish part.

Specific volume As shown in Figurethe molding shrinkage of KEPITAL results from both its high crystalline alignment in solidification and its thermal shrinkage from the molten state to the solid state as a function of temperature and pressure. Improper compression zone length may not only over-heat material but also lack of pressure build-up in the plasticizing. In general, it is a most widely used characteristic to identify the electrical behavior of plastics.

It is also important to review both short-term strength, f200-03, elongation and impact strength etc and long-term properties creep, stress-relaxation and fatigue etc in determining which material to use. Figure shows stress-strain curves of kepiital tests at various temperatures, and Figure shows dependence of the tensile strength on temperatures.

In this case, some treatments should be performed to prevent unnecessary problems. As shown in Figurethe weight of a molded part increases upon the hold pressure time and then stops at a certain point.

We appreciate your kepitak. Additional information about this material, like kepitl contact address, etc. As a rule of thumb, the hold time can be simply calculated wall thickness mm times 8. In general, there are methods for evaluating the fatigue characteristic of plastics.

It is therefore important to ensure the nozzle is never frozen or obstructed during processing. TSH shows extremely low friction properties in sliding against itself even under high pressure in Figure Arc resistance ASTM D represents the time taken for insulation characteristics to be broken down by the current applied to the surface of an insulator.


KEP Kepital® F Acetal Copolymer, Medium viscosity

Free online registration is available. Therefore, supposedly a hold pressure time is set appropriately, only screw retraction time needs to be taken into account. In terms of frictional behavior, if pressure and speed gradually increase, at t20-03 certain point a material cannot withstand any further and start to molten.

Most of the time affecting the cooling time is the hold time.

Sales of plastic raw materials POM/South Korea engineering plastics/Kepital F20-03 BBK

The test results of F to gasoline and diesel are shown in Figures and Please read our License Agreement regarding materials data and our Privacy Policy. Temperature dependency on mechanical properties KEPITAL maintains balanced physical and mechanical property characteristics over a wide range of temperatures.

Unlike metals, most thermoplastic materials are insulators with a low thermal conductivity. Any use of this information falls under the rules of our disclaimer. In addition, in some cases, pre-drying is effective in reducing odor, mold deposit and in achieving a good appearance.

As shown in Figurethe molding shrinkage of KEPITAL results from both its high crystalline alignment in solidification and its thermal shrinkage from the molten state to the solid state as a function of temperature and pressure. However, to increase the efficiency of f2-003 dispersion of a color masterbatch color concentrates or pigment, higher mixing by increasing back pressure may be required.

Shear strength The maximum shear stress at which a material can be maintained prior to shearing punching is referred to as shear strength. We advise that you only use the original value or one of its raw conversions in your calculations to minimize rounding error.

The heat deflection temperature ISO 75 is the temperature at which specimen exhibits flexural deflection of 0. At this time the gate of the part is solidified entirely and no more material can be incorporated. At kepitql exceeding the melting point, the specific heat 2f0-03 a molten state is exhibited. The melting point is the temperature at which the crystalline region melts with significant volume expansion. Volume Resistivity Volume resistivity refers kepigal the electrical resistance of a material that is measured when an electric field is applied across the unit cube of a test specimen.


Take precautions on handling Clean the cylinder. Home Imprint Privacy Statement About. Resistance to light and weather is usually evaluated through accelerated weathering tests and outdoor exposures for specific times. In order to prevent odor nuisance, thermally damaged material can be cooled down in the water bath.

Data sheets for overmetals, plastics, ceramics, and composites. For more information about Material Data Center visit www. When the stresses are removed within the elastic limit, a thermoplastic is capable to recover its original shape. Surface resistivity ASTM D is insulation resistance when certain voltage is applied across the surface of material. If other materials are introduced and mixed, krpital is required because problems including contamination, lamination, and deterioration of physical properties arise.

Recently, the xenon lamp, with a spectrum similar to that of sunlight, is generally used. Increase injection speed Change the gate location or enlarge gate size Increase mold temperature. Temperature and soaking time have an influence on those properties.

KEPITAL® F – KEP Americas

Korea Engineering Plastics Co. Higher resistance to eject force Insufficient cooling time. Therefore, when thermal degradation is noticeable, the cylinder should be flushed by purging out melt and the cylinder temperature must be reduced at the same time.

Click here to view all the property values for this datasheet as they were originally entered into MatWeb. The creep failure is a phenomenon in which a part strained and then eventually kepltal under a constant stress for a long period. In general, when the injection pressure increases, the shrinkage rate decreases. When a voltage is applied to an insulator and incrementally increased, if a certain limit is exceeded, large current suddenly flows to break down its insulation, and the limiting value of such voltage is referred to as dielectric strength.