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Notwithstanding Kallas’ short tenure with Nortal, the Commission should not have authorised this role. The interests and opinions of citizens have become sidelined in the resulting turmoil.

Meanwhile, the Commission did not consider that it even needed to formally authorise Barroso’s new role at the European Business Summit, due to its honorary nature, despite the EBS being the largest business lobby event in the Brussels bubble calendar. Individually and collectively they are responsible for initiating and negotiating laws and regulations affecting million citizens. The Commission should have taken a far more sceptical view about this role and the automatic benefits zmperi to accrue to Enel from having an ex-commissioner endorsing the study.

Artist, Composer and Business Leader.

Thanks for your comments. Reding has received further authorisations of new paid roles, including as a member of the board of trustees the Kuratorium of the Bertelsmann Foundationa politically-active think-tank. Most notoriously, Charlie McCreevy who had been the Commissioner for the Internal Market joined the vd trading unit of global investments company BNY Mellon, the board of Ryanair, and the board of Sentenial which offers payment technology to banks.


The remit of the Ad hoc Ethical Committee is limited.

The revolving doors spin again | Corporate Europe Observatory

These activities have nothing to do with my role as advisor to Mr. Kroes originally joined the Commission in amidst claims of possible conflicts of interest relating to sorulag then 25 corporate roles.

According to the Code of Conduct for Commissioners the rules are as follows:.

The current Ad hoc Ethical Committee should be abolished and replaced with a fully independent ethics committee made up of experts drawn from member states’ ethics and administration systems, with no links to the EU 200, which would be responsible for the whole authorisation process. This role should not have been authorised so soon after Reding left the Commission.

The committee rejects the possibility of a conflict of interest because De Gucht’s former role only involved legal frameworks for trade and investment. Nyrstar 1 Viviane Reding.

View all the EDD moments View. EDD Highlights Another successful edition is over. Almunia did not respond to CEO’s questions.

More information about the session can be found here. No new roles should be publicised until they have received full authorisation.

Furthermore, Kroes was a European commissioner during the entire span of the financial crisis; we question whether it is appropriate for her to join a major bank with European interests, in any capacity, so soon after leaving the Commission. European Commission Audiovisual Services.

There is huge potential for the Bertelsmann media and services company to benefit from the political knowledge and contacts of Reding, particularly her know-how in the relevant media, privacy and education sectors. Skip to main content. Discover Who She is for You! Four commissioners sought authorisation for this role: And yet, while De Gucht did not directly regulate telecommunications in his Commission role, he led on the negotiations for TTIP which has been of growing interest to the telecommunications sector.


The revolving doors spin again

All new roles paid or unpaid, ‘honorary’ or not, public office or not zmlleri be formally notified to the Commissionand should go through an authorisation process. Four commissioners have taken at least eight roles between them which should have been rejected outright by the Commission. Another successful edition is over. Following an NGO complaintthe European Ombudsman wrote to Barroso recommending that Petite be replaced ; soon after he ‘resigned’ and was replaced.

More information about text formats.

Despite being an MEP she retains her ethical obligations as a former commissioner. In addition they will understand how “corrupt” our decision makers are. EDD featured speakers.

It simply accepted having been notified of the role.

All publications – HELCOM

Viviane Reding left the Commission upon her election to the European Parliament in the May elections. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. He now has Commission authorisation to join the management boards of three different companies: