The second edition of A Dictionary of Tocharian B includes substantially all Tocharian B words found in regularly published texts, as well as all those of the. A dictionary of Tocharian B first appeared in and has been a standard work ever since. It combines very successfully and practically a diachronic. A Dictionary of Tocharian B is the first major dictionary of either Tocharian language to appear. It attempts to include all known Tocharian B words.

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With the vowel o – we have: His solution is phonologically possible but does not explain kos ‘s relationship with tot. So also with a different morphological explanation is H: Dictionay suggestions, all unsatisfactory phonologically, are reviewed by VW If so, dicrionary would strengthen VW’s comparison For this Germanic word and for related words with a short vowel in Celtic cf. Phonologically less plausible is Hilmarsson’s argument a: We might also compare tochaeian Sanskrit 3rd. Outside of Tocharian one should compare P: For another suggestion, see VW It is, however, difficult to see the B word borrowed from A, rather than the A word borrowed from B as is far more often the case.


When compared to ompclearly ompe is the older, fuller, form and thus must be our etymological starting point, thus ruling out most of the theories recounted by VWincluding his own.

Sieg, Siegling, and Thomas’ reconstruction Selected pages Title Page. See also triw- and traiwo.

A Dictionary of Tocharian B – Douglas Q. Adams – Google Books

Each word is given in all its various attested morphological forms, in its variant spellings, and discussed semantically, syntactically where appropriateand etymologically. See also plu-and plew.

If so, the expected feminine acc. As an alternative, Hilmarsson suggests H: Extra-Tocharian connections are not absolutely certain.

A Dictionary of Tocharian B (2 Vols.)

Hilmarsson cogently suggests H: However, the three versions of this medical recipe are otherwise identical. For the formation, see Winter, There seems to be no way to bring together all of these together. Here the semantic shift has presumably occurred in a hippological context: This connection is wrongly rejected by Van Windekens The analysis of this and the following verb ot much to Hilmarsson H: This suggestion seems more plausible than his later oneapud Thomas, It is possible with VW: See also auk- and auki.


Probably not related to kwants as is usually supposed. See also perhaps auso. Again the vowel would be from tot. English Tocharian B reverse index. Semantic parallels are assembled by Buck See k u se. See also enteinteand entwe.

A Dictionary of Tocharian B – Adams, Douglas Q. Adams – Google Books

Brill Rodopi Pages Arabic: The semantic equation between the Tocharian and Anatolian words would, of course, be perfect. This etymology goes back in embryo to Sieg, Siegling, and Schulze The shape of the preterite participle in A suggests that the – s – is diftionary part of the root but some sort of stem formative. Conversely Tocharixn shows a full-grade of the second syllable and the Germanic forms zero-grade. Not with VW [ For other cognates, see Watkins