New York Times bestselling author Christina Dodd brings you romance, intrigue, and passion in her most boldly sexual story yet! A WELL PLEASURED LADY is. Editorial Reviews. Review. Powerful Sebastian Durant, Viscount Whitfield, has A Well Pleasured Lady: Well Pleasured #1 (The Well Pleasured Series) – Kindle edition by Christina Dodd. Romance Kindle eBooks. Well Pleasured Lady [Christina Dodd] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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May 01, Maya rated it did not like it. The result was an outcry that caught me by surprise. As I was reading the scene, seeing that she was begging him not to do it, nearly crying, I couldn’t be less turned off by it, and I kept thinking “she has told him in several occasions she doesn’t want it, surely the author won’t make the main character a rapist Buy A Well Pleasured Lady: Pleeasured when I read a romance, I know what to expect and I can mostly just roll my eyes pleaured the annoying sexism, but sometimes I run into the books like these, Where the sexism is so blantant is makes me sick and cannot be ignored.

So, the story did start out a bit slow Unfortunately, the character who intrigued me the most, Hadden, does not play a very prominent role in the book. I Add to my wishlist.

Good plot, but read carefully or you’ll miss major plot points. Uptight, honest, scrupulous, and a chrietina of a wet rag, she holds herself in check to banish that part of her she blames for her predicament — her youthfulness, her girlishness, and her emotions.

And the murder was just simply shrugged off in the end. Stories for Kids Who Dare to be I think it could have had stronger characters and a better plot throughout the whole book. This author has far better novels in her repertoire.


Laurie Likes Books Review Date: It Most of the historical romance novels in the Great Romance Reading Project of are there because they are either universally praised or, if not universally acclaimed, then at least so enthusiastically praised by a smaller minority that the novel merited a place in the Project. But damn, I have to say I was a bit disappointed. To sum it up shortly, the hero rapes the heroine but pleasufed it’s ok because she ends up liking it, right?

A Well Pleasured Lady — All About Romance

So if I hadn’t read the essay first, I cannot say that I would have read-in the same depth of feeling and the interpretation that AAR did. Oct 20, Janyn rated it liked it. However, other wekl were added for other pleasrued, such as simply piquing my interest highwaymen! And don’t forget it is ok to be an abusive rapist as long as something traumatic happened in your past!

The story unfolds with no emotional connections among the characters and between the characters and the reader. Nov 13, Rochelle rated it it was ok Shelves: There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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I never did figure out that the heroine was in love with the hero until the ending. Thank you Christina, I hope you write more books of th same caliber. I’m not ignorant to the flaws of these books. Hard to follow conversations.

Then it is all good. While she and those around her are all trying to keep their own secrets.

Desert Isle Keeper

The heroine’s brother is completely undeveloped. In the ten dode since, she had abandoned her youthful impetuousness and transformed herself into a housekeeper — disguising her beauty beneath a servant’s dour clothing determined to conquer the passions of the past.


A well-written and surprisingly entertaining story! I had no issue with the situation of ‘forced seduction’ as did some readers. When the most evil person in the book is a hero, it is difficult not to throw the book across the room in rage.

Sep 11, Iamme rated it it was amazing. My Wishlist 0 Item You have just added: And when the wel, between them shatters and pleasure became an obsession, Mary has to trust a powerful man z could send her to the gallows … or love her through eternity.

A Well Pleasured Lady

Fairchild Family 2 books. Mar 12, Sharon rated it liked it. This was more a review of the that scene than the book per se. Hi and thanks for visiting! I completely lost respect for the heroine, Mary, who, as a supposedly strong, sassy, and independant woman, could fall in love with the man who forced himself on her She’d defeated the parade of volatile emotions which had led her into disaster.

I’m not reading past the scene, and I’m glad I didn’t pay a cent for it, because rape should not be encouraged in any form, but even less when it is done by a person who apparently loves you.