an introduction to the use of the a2ps print filter, for users of the Mathematics Local-Area Network at Grinnell College. @macro pack a2ps. @dircategory Printing utilities @direntry * a2ps:: ASCII to PostScript converter * PreScript: (a2ps) PreScript Input language. By default a2ps tries to put 2 pages on each sheet, this works best side-by-side and landscape, even if you rotate the page a2ps still tries to.

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This document was generated on 9 June using the texi2html translator version 1.

creating pdfs with a2ps

To rpint these subtler effects, we need a print prnt — a program that applies a transformation to the print job and sends the result to the printer through lpralthough the actual invocation of lpr is usually invisible.

For example, -2 is equivalent to 1 row and 2 columns. The answer is to give a2ps the -1 switch which instructs it to only have 1 page per sheet are also valid number of pages. To make sure that everyone has such rights, we have to forbid you to deprive anyone else of these rights.

In this mode, some keywords are replaced by a Symbol character which best represents them. This document describes pack version 4. Currently I don’t know how to do that, but ogonkiky may be of valuable help. This style also suits news files. The main limit on PreScript is that no command can be used inside another command. There is no way in PreScript to get an automatic numbering.

How can I print a2ps a file –portrait without being all squished? If the command uses an argument, it is given between curly braces with no spaces between the command name and the argument.


One common way to run a2ps is from a shell in a terminal emulator. Post as a guest Name. Similarly, it will run a file containing Java source code through a Java pretty-printer that italicizes comments and boldfaces keywords automatically, convert a JPEG image file to PostScript, and automatically expand a compressed. It was very slow and contained many bugs. For instance, in the exmh mail agent, the print command can be changed by moving the mouse pointer onto the button labelled Preferencesclicking the left mouse button, moving the mouse pointer onto the button labelled Printing in the Preferences window that appears, clicking the left mouse button, and editing either or both of the text fields labelled Text print command and PostScript print command to contain a template for an a2ps command line, such as.

Moreover, its size would have ten times what it is. Their main use is to avoid a sequence from being terminated too soon, e. This program is a great find for me. If you want to focus rather on the idea of directly create PDF documents, there are some more recent alternatives.

Since bold sequences, special characters etc. Sign up using Facebook. If you need to deal with several a2sp fonts, then GNU enscript is exactly the tool you need.

priint If these programs are modified by someone else and passed on, we want their recipients to know that what they have is not what we distributed, so that any problems introduced by others will not reflect on our reputation.

Permission is granted to copy and distribute translations of this manual into another language, under the above conditions for modified versions, except that this permission notice may be stated in a translation approved by the Foundation. However, prunt lpr program is rather limited.


Nevertheless, here are some tips on how to design your PostScript styles. The output may be sent to the printer or to the a2pps output or saved into a file.

a2ps, version 4.7.20

If you want to do a profound translation work, contact us. It does not know about sophisticated options like landscape orientation with the page image rotated ninety degreesduplex printing using both the front and the back of each sheetor n -up printing multiple page images on the same side of the same sheet, side by side or in a rectangular grid.

I wrote myself a Python program called txt2pdf; you may find it here. In the following is described how the style sheets are defined. The basic command for sending a file to a MathLAN printer is lprwith or without a command-line option -Pduerer-Ppacioli-Pescher-Pmoxonor -Ptory to specify a printer. Sign up using Email and Password.

Indeed pack just looks for some keywords, or some sequencesi. Empty cells in the layout are not filled. Three fonts are used: By default a2ps tries to put 2 pages on each sheet, this works best side-by-side and landscape, even if you rotate the page a2ps still tries to insert 2 pages.

General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility

Two things are to retain from this: Otherwise a2ps defaults to landscape mode if there is a space after the -l. And last but not least, using a parser requires that the sources are syntactic bug free, which is a strong requirement. Two different levels of pretty printing prinnt be reached: