The formulation containing HPMC K15MCR and Polyox WSR at the Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. Ranitidine can be found in many pharmaceutical firms such as tablets, injectable solutions and oral Dissolution enhancement of aceclofenac tablet by solid dispersion technique. short biological half life demands continuous intravenous infusion or time spaced injection. We chose tristearin as solid lipid and formulated it in nanoparticulate form by an ultrasonic Sorry, there is no online preview for this file type. Enhanced skin delivery of aceclofenac via hydrogel-based solid lipid nanoparticles. Injectable. Moderate. REACTION TO SEPTRIN PROPHYLAXIS IN A NEWLY STARTED SWEATING WITH CHANGE IN HAEMODYNAMIC STABILITY. 1. 1 Injectable. Mild. 2. ORAL DICLOFENAC 50MG, HAEMOPTYSIS.

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Sufficient excess amounts of drug were added to screw capped 10 mL glass vials containing distilled water, solutions of individual hydrotropic agents, solution containing blends of hydrotropic agents and buffers of pH 7. Evaluation of piroxicam injection. Limitations in using non aqueous solvents for injectable compositions include possible drug precipitation, pain, inflammation and hemolysis upon injection. Although maintaining a similar pharmacodynamic profile to that of indomethacin and diclofenac, aceclofenac has shown better gastric tolerance when compared to other NSAIDs.

In order to check any interaction between drug and the hydrotropic agents, UV spectral studies of aceclofenac were performed in different hydrotropic solutions.

EP Kind code of ref document: Such compositions are useful for treating and preventing inflammation-related cardiovascular disorders, including vascular diseases, coronary artery disease, aneurysm, vascular rejection, arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis including cardiac transplant atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, embolism, stroke, thrombosis including venous thrombosis, angina including unstable angina, coronary plaque inflammation, bacterial-induced inflammation including Chlamydia-induced inflammation, viral induced inflammation, and inflammation associated with surgical procedures such as vascular grafting including coronary artery bypass surgery, revascularization procedures including angioplasty, stent placement, endarterectomy, or other invasive procedures involving arteries, veins and capillaries.

The ban, which comes into effect immediately, follows recommendations of an expert committee formed to examine the efficacy of these drug combinations. While maintaining its potency Aceclofenac demonstrates better gastric tolerance and consequently offers greater potential security than other highly active agents such as Indomethacin and Diclofenac.


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Further, these tubes can be printed in foletype elegantly. Possible spectroscopic changes in acecolfenac structure of aceclofenac in the presence of hydrotropes were subsequently investigated. The chemical structure of drug and various hydrotropes used in this study are shown in Figure 1. Aceclofenac is a new NSAID of the phenylacetic acid class of NSAIDs 2-[ 2,6-dichlorophenyl amino]phenylacetoxyacetic acidwhich has been shown to exhibit good analgesic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory efficacy in several animal models of acute and chronic inflammation.

In the present work, aceclofenac, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent was selected as a model drug which is a BCS class II drug highly permeable and low soluble and attempts were made to formulate an aqueous injection of this drug, using various hydrotropic agents. According to its most preferred embodiment, the present invention provides a nonaqueous liquid parenteral Aceclofenac formulation, capable of pharmaceutical application.

Hence, aceclofenac possesses a formulationn inhibitory activity in several models of acute and chronic inflammation in rodents, and resembles indometacin and diclofenac in its pharmacodynamic profile, being superior to naproxen and phenylbutazone. The Aceclofenac formulation of any one of claims 1 and 5 wherein said nonaqueous solubilizer component is selected from the group consisting of propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol.

A process as in claim 3, wherein the stable injectable pharmaceutical composition comprising an aqueous solution of arginine and aceclofenac in the molar ratio of arginine to aceclofenac in the range of about 1. The solubility of aceclofenac increases slightly, with an increase in pH maximum 4 timeswhich may be due to the acidic nature of aceclofenac.

US20090156670A1 – Nonaqueous liquid parenteral aceclofenac formulation – Google Patents

It can injectioon downloaded free of qceclofenac for reference purpose. From the results of TLC study, it can be concluded that there is no salt or complex formation of drug with the hydrotrope molecules.

Aceclofenac induced a dramatic decrease of L-selectin expression, whereas a moderate and slight decrement of CD43 and ICAM-3 expression was also observed.

Continuous analysis of data from such monitoring permits modification of the treatment regimen during therapy so that optimally effective doses are administered at any point in time, and so that the duration of treatment can be determined.

USA1 – Nonaqueous liquid parenteral aceclofenac formulation – Google Patents

The results as shown in table 4 indicate that when the molar ratio of arginine to aceclofenac is 0. Prior art also discloses pharmaceutical composition of an aqueous solution of arginine and ibuprofen comprising a molar ratio of arginine to ibuprofen, which is less than 1: Furthermore, two studies have demonstrated that aceclofenac is at least as effective as ketoprofen and better tolerated, in terms of fewer drop-outs, in the long-term treatment of RA.


Essel Propack Ltd Maharashtra Diclofenac formed by conversion of Aceclofenac is solubilized by the nonaqueous solubilizer swhich are substantially inert with respect to such conversion. Because Diclofenac has very poor gastrointestinal GI tolerability, it is not particularly well suited for formulation. The results of stability studies on aceclofenac in the bulk solution Table 6indicated that the aceclofenac is stable in the bulk solution for 4 h at room temperature and 12 h under refrigerated conditions.

Powder X-ray diffractometry patterns of the lyophilized sample and drug were obtained at room temperature using a RU-H 3 R, horizontal rotaflex rotating anode X-ray generator instrument Rigaku International Corporation, Tokyo.

The Aceclofenac formulation of any of Items 1 and 5 wherein said nonaqueous solubilizer component is selected from the group consisting of propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol. UV light was switched on 30 min prior to filling the injectable solutions into vials.

Suzki H, Sunada H. So making a formulation of aceclofenac by solubilizing aceclofenac instead of ibuprofen with arginine in line with the teachings. In this way, the treatment regimen and dosing schedule can be rationally modified over the course of therapy so that the lowest amount of the composition exhibiting satisfactory effectiveness is administered, and so that administration is continued only for so long as is necessary to successfully treat the condition or disorder.

Shree Rama Multi Tech Ltd In general, the present invention relates to provide a stable injectable pharmaceutical composition comprising an aqueous solution of arginine and aceclofenac in the molar ratio of arginine to aceclofenac in the range of about 1.

Then required volume was made up by water for injection and adjusting the pH of about 6. Mixed hydrotropic solubilization technique is the phenomenon to increase the solubility of poorly water-soluble drugs, using blends of hydrotropic agents US DMF type requires module 3 and admin information.