ACI 116R 00 PDF

ACI 116R 00 PDF

ACI R Cement and Concrete Terminology Reported by ACI Committee Hamid Farzam Chairman Glen Bollin Bernard J. Erlin Fred. Note: A newer version of this document exists. This document was replaced by R ICRI and ACI member, he serves on several committees including. , Construction American Concrete Institute Committee , “ACI R, Cement and.

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See also water, adsorbed. See also clinker, portand-cement.

International Concrete Abstracts Portal

See also concrete, cyclopean. See also process, drycast. Gillmore needle—see needle, Gillmore. See also factor, Philleo. See also mechanical connection.

See also admixture, accelerating. L lacing—horizontal bracing between shoring members. See also coupler, end-bearing sleeve, mechanical connection. E early ages of concrete —the period following the time of final setting 161r which properties are changing rapidly and heat evolution is important; for concrete made with Type I cement stored moist at 73 F 23 Cit is the first 72 h. ACI Committee Reports, Guides, Standard Practices, and Commentaries are intended for guidance in planning, designing, executing, and inspecting construction.


ACI R Cement and Concrete Terminology 水泥和混凝土术语_百度文库

See also biological shielding and concrete, shielding. See also design, elastic. See also concrete, architectural. See also float and trowel. See also contraction; moisture movement; shrinkage; volume change; and volume change, autogenous.

See also member, segmental. K kaolin—a rock, generally white, consisting primarily of clay minerals of the kaolinite group, composed principally of hydrous aluminum silicate of low iron content, used as raw material in the manufacture of white cement.

In the event that a user disagrees with any of the definitions, it is hoped that the reasons for such will be given to the committee.

See also concrete, preshrunk. Users of the glossary are invited to submit suggestions for changes and additions to ACI Headquarters for consideration by Committee when preparing future editions. See also effective area of reinforcement. See also admixture, water-reducing. See also bug holes; efflorescence; honeycomb; joint, lift; laitance; popout; rock pocket; and sand streak.


See also bond breaker and oil, form. See also checking and crazing; also known as pattern cracking. See also concrete, central-mixed; concrete, shrink-mixed; and concrete, transit-mixed.

See also wall, stub. See also slump; concrete, no-slump; and concrete, negative-slump. One mission of Committee is to produce and maintain a list of terms with their meaning in the field of cement and concrete technology. See also damage, cavitation and erosion. See also bolt, anchor. See also header and wythe [leaf]. See also bonder and wythe [leaf. Axi also standard deviation.

R Cement and Concrete Terminology

See also concrete, foamed. See also bar support. See also joint, hinge and Mesnager, joint.