Established in as Acta Ornithologica Musei Zoologici Polonici, since continued under the present title. Published twice a year by the Natura Optima. Contents of Acta Ornithologica Vol. 40, No 2, Winter Campos F.1, Corchero -Gutiérrez F.2, Hernández M. A.3, Rivas J. M.4, López-Fidalgo J.5 Acta Ornithologica. Country, Poland – SIR icon SIR Ranking of Poland. H Index. Subject Area and Category, Agricultural and Biological Sciences.

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White-faced Whistling Duck, Dendrocygna viduata, vocalization, individual differences, sexual differences. Show this widget in your own website. Day-to-day fluctuations in numbers were on an average the highest at the coastal station most exposed to variable weather, the lowest at the inland stations, and intermediate at the more ‘sheltered’ of the coastal station. Active management of fenland still in its natural state is therefore of paramount importance.

We ascertained the seasonal time shift for the onset of nocturnal migration corresponding to the seasonal time shift related to the approach of darkness.

It seems that both natural selection and sexual selection have led to the evolution of small nests in the Olivaceous Warbler.

Retrieved from ” https: The stomach content of 38 adult birds was investigated. Nest size was negatively related to fledging success even when only successful nests were considered. Repeatability estimates were 0. Since trees and taller shrubs are rare in the area, it is mainly ground nesting bird species that occur in the clearing. No significant differences were found in specific measurements of foraging behaviour but non infected birds tended to scratch more frequently than infected birds.


Variation of the outer circumferential layer in the limb bones of birds. The aim of the study was to test whether the methods using the playback technique produce accurate data of population size when compared to the standard mapping and nest-searching methods. Cattle Egret, Bubulcus ibisfood, South Africa.

A comparison of two European breeding habitats of the Water Rail Rallus aquaticus. The chart shows the ratio of a journal’s documents signed by researchers from more than one country; that is including more than one country address.

Acta Ornithologica

The remaining young birds had their first broods in the first or third calendar scta of life. In the north, the range of the C.

Aerial hunting behaviour of ornithloogica Lesser Kestrel Falco naumanni during the breeding season in Thessaly Greece. The capture rate depended on the type of hunting behaviour preceding the attack and was highest after the birds had been hovering. Acta Ornithologica – Abstract Vol 39 1.

Among the predators, small mammals were dominant in the clearing and inside the forest, and birds at the acts edge. The Superb Lyrebird is a sexually dimorphic passerine that although is not considered endangered, it has been declining in population size since the s due primarily to urban development.

Our administrator will review and update the journal description promptly. The White-faced Whistling Duck is a waterfowl species lacking any differences in ornamentation, coloration, size or behavior between the sexes. Evolution of the number of total citation per document and external citation per document i. In the case of juveniles, shifts in the timing of breeding caused by weather conditions at the breeding grounds are the main reason for this variation.


Acta Ornithologica[Journal] – NLM Catalog Result

The SJR is a size-independent prestige indicator that ranks journals by their ‘average prestige per article’. This unusual behaviour in swallows seems to be deliberate and ornuthologica aimed at choosing a nest with nestlings in order to obtain extra food from experienced adult birds rather than an error caused by the darkness in the shelter.

The average times ornitholofica the beginning, maximum intensity and end of nocturnal migration were found to be related to photoperiodic factors. In both species a peak in vocal output occurred shortly before sunrise and before sunset. A multivariate study ornithologuca carried out in order to investigate the most influential habitat variables and related features in the selection of breeding cliffs by the Griffon Vulture in Crete.

The relationship of the densities of several common species was compared. There was a significant difference in the proportion of juvenile to adult birds trapped in spring and in autumn.

Acta Ornithologica – Wikipedia

Only four nest sites were used in consecutive seasons. Males sang mainly from tree tops and power lines at a height between 8 and 10 m.

Aggressive interactions in Swan Geese Anser cygnoides and their hybrids. Ground nesting in recultivated forest habitats — a study with artificial nests. Thus, the nest site characters of these two species resembled those of the original excavators, and their nests ornithokogica placed higher than those of other non-excavators.

The mean clutch size was 5.