: Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual: Using the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist () by Niall Strickland and a great selection of. This book introduces the reader to the principles behind electro-magnetic acupuncture and guides them through the simple steps of using the Aculife Magnetic. ACULIFE. Detect • Relieve • Healthcare. Hand Acupuncture Manual Using the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist. WARNING You are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to .

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Rather, it is a treatment that requires systematic use over a period of two to fourteen days to show significant benefits. When the pain returns, I simply use the Aculife machine again. He subsequently used it on a daily basis until we had to return home to Australia. In fact, when I went for planned surgery to correct the condition I was told that I no longer had a problem in this area.

This should match the points on your body where pain is located.

Aculife can treat and relieve the pain for an extensive list of conditions. If the pain point is on the right side of the body, the user should stimulate the right hand acupyncture the most sensitive points. In Relieve Mode, this will be at 4 or 5 bars for most people.


If you already own an Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist, you really need this book if you want to be able to use the device effectively. Initially as a fascinating gadget, having experienced a demonstration in Singapore. Creams from doctor Usage of Aculife: He did a single 30 minute treatment and the pain went away. If you want higher resolution images with full treatment protocols, you can get these by purchasing the Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual on our website http: It was truly remarkable.

So what are these points and what conditions in particular may be treated? We bought an Aculife machine for ourselves before returning home to Australia. The patch system may be used in two different ways. The five elemental energies — earth, gold, water, wood and fire — symbolise the life forces present in all living things, each one being a manifestation of Yin and Yang, or the opposing states of nature.

More specifically to help treat muscular injury, discomfort or back pain Demonstrate at trade shows Results: McNamara Tweet Pin It.

The second way to use the patch system is to place the patch directly on the area where pain is being felt.

Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual : Using the Aculife Magnetic Wave Therapist

Standard Use Take one of the two patches supplied and connect the wiring loom to the back of the patch using the push-on connector. Hammond Tweet Pin It. Used Aculife on hand points for hemorrhoids for acuupuncture 20 minutes per day for several weeks. This book delivers the benefits of our experience and shows how easy it is to detect and treat more than 57 different medical conditions. Would you recommend it to a friend?


Chinese Hand Map of Palm Acupoints. Do try and keep the plastic backing dust free as you will want to put the patch back on it once you have completed each treatment.

Aculife Hand Acupuncture Manual : Niall Strickland :

Occasional to check general state of health. The pain disappeared for the first time in 20 years.

Aculife Acupoint Handmaps Most people become curious when they learn that it is possible to treat themselves for a large number of medical problems by simply stimulating acupoints on their hand. You can in fact do it yourself ackpuncture home with a small electronic device called Aculife.

I am amazed with the results. Simply seek the points that offer the strongest sensation.

The instructions for correct use of Aculife patches are as follows:.