What Was the ADM Jabalpur Case? On 25 June , Prime Minister Indira Gandhi invoked Article and imposed a state of Emergency. Hans Raj Khanna (3 July – 25 February ) was an advocate, jurist and judge. While the Habeas Corpus case is Justice Khanna’s most celebrated ruling, .. “A.D.M. Jabalpur vs Shukla: When the Supreme Court struck down the . PETITIONER: ADDITIONAL DISTRICT MAGISTRATE, JABALPUR Vs. .. The Act in the present case is valid law and it has laid down procedure of applying the.

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Ray, along with Justices M.

Hans Raj Khanna

Striking a discordant note in the privacy judgment pronounced today, his son Justice D. Also, the court of law does not have the power to look into the validity of detention under Maintenance of Internal Security Act, as the statue does not give powers to the court the review the validity of the detention. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jagalpur Lal Krishna Advani M. The family hailed from a trading tradition, but Hans’s father had become a leading lawyer and later, the mayor of Amritsar.

ADM Jabalpur vs Shivkant Shukla (1976) 2 SCC 521

They were presided iabalpur by Soli Sorabjeewho was a very close friend of Justice Khanna’s. Inthe Justice HR Khanna committee was constituted by the railway ministry with the mandate of “reviewing the implementation of previous accident inquiry committees, of examining the adequacy of existing practices for safe running of trains and to suggest safety measures.

Both these Articles cannot be split apart and not exclusive of each other. This was against legal tradition and was widely protested by bar associations and the legal community.

Finally, it was urged that Preamble to the constitution speaks of a Sovereign, Democratic Republic and therefore, the Executive which is subordinate to the Legislature cannot act to the prejudice of the citizen save to the extent permitted by laws validly made by the legislature which is the chosen representative of the people.


In State of Uttar Pradesh v. After completing his schooling from D. But I do not think it would be right for me to allow my love of personal liberty to cloud my vision or to persuade me to place on the relevant provision of the Constitution a construction which its language cannot reasonably bear. Chandrachud had conclusively held that it jabalour not make any difference whether any right to personal liberty was addm existence prior to the enactment of the Constitution, either by way of a natural right, statutory right, common law right or a right available under the law of torts.

This was “an uncommon appointment Andhyarujina 6 March Shivakant Shukla is one of the landmark cases in the history of Indian legal system as it is one of those cases which paved the way for further developments in the legal system by exposing the existing loopholes. Shivkant Shuklaone gets to know that there are different perceptions, opinions and views on the given case.

ADM Jabalpur vs Shivkant Shukla () 2 SCC – Case Summary

On 24 Aprilseven out of 13 judges held that Parliament’s power to amend the Constitution was limited. Shiv Kant Shukla case or the Habeas Corpus case. When the Supreme Court struck down the Habeas Corpus”.

Due to restraining her political power by the Apex court made her dysfunctional in a matter of vote or speak in Lok Sabha.

It was the darkest hour of Indian judiciary which struck at the very heart of fundamental rights. And, as mentioned earlier, all four judges with the exception of Justice Khanna went on to become Chief Justices of India. During jablapur proclamation of emergency jbaalpur 21 only loses the procedural power but the substantive power of this article is very fundamental and the State does not have the power to deprive any person life and liberty without the authority of law.


Hans Raj Khanna – Wikipedia

The war with Pakistan was just ended and the drought were the reasons given by the government for a declaration of emergency, as they were damaged the economic growth and blocked the growth of the nation. Incomparable Court went ahead to expand the elucidation of Article 21 and acquainted Public Interest Litigation with increase open authenticity after it confronted feedback over the judgment and harm it had done.


While the Habeas Corpus case is Justice Khanna’s most celebrated ruling, almost as well known is his judgment in the landmark case of Kesavananda Bharati. There is a legal and reasonable degree to which a State can act in or against the people and for this situation, it was high abuse of powers of individual political profit of a particular individual. Given the important nature of the case, a bench comprising the five seniormost judges was convened to hear the case.

People’s Union for Civil Liberties.

Before delivering this opinion, Justice Khanna mentioned to his sister: Initially, I was not in favour of the majority view. Commissions and Omissions by Indian Prime Ministers: He answered, “Even if life was taken away illegally, courts are helpless”.

Krishnaswamy Rao Pattadakal Venkanna R. Parameswaran Amrita Pritam K.

Retrieved 31 July He resigned from its chairmanship in when he was inducted into the cabinet as Union Law Minister by Charan Singh. True to his apprehensions, his junior, M.