Aeschines: Against Timarchus [ BCE]. Aeschine’s speech Against Timarchus of BCE is one of the most valuable sources we have about Athenian. Access. Via Perseus Philologic. Aeschines. Against Timarchus. Perseus under Philologic. University of Chicago. 7 October (). In Against Timarchus, Aeschines introduces the argument of sections. 72 to 93 with an unusual exclamation. He claims that his oppo- nents will ask why he is not.

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But, I think, so long as yimarchus boy is not his own master and is as yet unable to discern who is a genuine friend, and who is not, the law teaches the lover self-control, and makes him defer the words of friendship till the other is older and has reached years of discretion; but to follow after the boy and to watch over him the lawgiver regarded as the best possible safeguard and protection for chastity.

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And again, among the youths and those who are still boys, first, you know the nephew of Iphi- crates, the son of Teisias of Rhamnos, of the same name as the defendant. Now this Misgolas, perceiving Timarchus’ motive in staying at the house of the physician, paid him a sum of money in advance and caused him to change his lodgings, and got him into his own home; for Timarchus was well developed, young, and lewd, just the person for the thing that Misgolas wanted to do, and Timarchus wanted to timafchus done.

Or what man will not be regarded as lacking intelligence who is angry with her who errs by an impulse of nature,while he treats as adviser againsh man who in despite of nature has sinned against his own body? For Diophantes accused the foreigner of ttimarchus cheated him out of four drachmas in connection with this practice, and he cited the laws that command the archon to protect orphans, when he himself had violated the laws that enjoin chastity.

Ask not, then, where it was that you practised it, but make this your defence, that you have never done the thing.

Timarchjs since the trial is at Athens, and you are at the same time judges and witnesses of the truth of what I say, it is my place to refresh your memory, and yours not to disbelieve me. When now the case was coming to trial, behold, another mighty stroke on the part of Hegesandrus! In the second place, look at the case in the light, not of the present moment, but of the time that is past. Straightway let me die, For when my friend was slain, my dearest friend, It was not granted me to succor him.

AFFIDAVIT Tijarchus perhaps someone may say that after selling his father’s house he bought another one somewhere else in the city, and that in place of the suburban estate and the land at Alopeke, and the slaves and the rest, he made investments in connection with the silver mines, as his father had done before him. But she is a witness against whom it would be impiety even to bring complaint of false testimony. I am quite gray, as you see, but not he. I am sure you have all sailed over to Salamis, and have seen the statue of Solon there.

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I have never, fellow citizens, brought indictment against any Athenian, nor vexed any man when he was rendering account of his office 1 ; but in all such matters I have, as I believe, shown myself a quiet and modest man. In addition to the procedure of dokimsia rhetoronthis speech involves other, very important concepts, also discussed on the terms page:. For because of his shameful private life the laws forbade him to speak before the people, laying on him an injunction not difficult, in my opinion, to obey — nay, most easy ; and had he been wise, he need not have made againt slanderous attack upon me.


And how does he command the presiding officers to proceed? Aeschines, a member of the pro-Macedonian faction agaisnt Athens, faced prosecution by a team of anti-Macedonians including the statesman and orator Demosthenes.

For so stern were they toward all shameful conduct, and so precious did they hold the purity of their children, that when one of the citizens found that his daughter had been seduced, and that she had failed to guard well her chastity till the time of marriage, he walled her up in an empty house with a horse, which he knew would surely kill her, if she were shut in there with him.

He is at his best in clear narrative and vivid avainst. Now if anyone does not understand the facts of the case, I will try to explain them more clearly. He did not spend many words; the man was instantly persuaded.

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They were punished with death, though their crime was far less, by Zeus and Apollo, than that of this defendant; those poor wretches met such a fate because they were unable to defend themselves against old age and poverty together, the greatest of human misfortunes; aginst defendant should suffer it because he is unwilling to restrain his own lewdness.

Two facts are evident here: Later, Aeschines would try another supporter of Demosthenes. Moreover, his case against Timarchus tumarchus successful. The law against outrage, which includes all such conduct in one summary statement, wherein it stands expressly written: The laws relating to boys are those read to you a moment ago ; but I am going to cite now laws that have to do with the citizens at large.

Aeschines dcr Redner iibersetzt, Bremi, But pray consider the case with the help of illus- trations ; and naturally the illustrations will have to be like the pursuits of Timarchus.

Sex, Politics, and Disgust in Aeschines’ Against Timarchus

But, not to delay, to the Clerk of the Cotirt call first, if you please, those who know that Timarchus here timachus in the house of Misgolas, then read the testimony of Phaedrus, and, finally, please take the affidavit of Misgolas himself, in case fear of the gods, and respect for those who know the facts as well as tjmarchus does, and for the citizens at large and for you the jurors, shall persuade him to testify to the truth.

Consider, fellow citizens, how much attention that ancient lawgiver, Solon, gave to morality, as did Draco timacrhus the other lawgivers of those days. He took charge of the prosecution in court, and after he had taken the sacred offerings in his hand and sworn that he had not taken a bribe and would not, [] and though he swore by the usual gods of oaths and called down destruction on his own head, yet it has been proved that he received twenty minas from Leuconides, the brother-in-law of Philotades, at the hands of Philemon the actor, which money he soon spent on his mistress Philoxene.

They were punished with death, though their crime was far less, by Zeus and Apollo, than that of this defendant ; those poor wretches met such a fate because they were unable to defend themselves against old age and poverty together, the greatest of human misfortunes ; the defendant should suffer it because he is unwilling to restrain his own lewdness. I am aware, fellow citizens, that the statement which I am about to make first is something that you will undoubtedly have heard from other men on other occasions ; but I think the same thought is especially timely on this occasion, and from me.


Study Guide The procedure is an “examination as to fitness to participate in public life,” the dokimasia rhetoron. In the following years it is evident that both men were constantly on the watch for opportunities for personal attack, but Aeschines seems to have taken no prominent part in public affairs. Search the history of over billion web ayainst on the Internet.

For who of you that has ever gone to the stalls where dainty foods are sold has not observed the lavish expenditures of these men? Timmarchus a counter attack, in- tended to delavthe impending trial, to prejudice the case of againzt prosecution, and to rid himself of one of his prosecutors, Aeschines brought indictment against Timarchus, declaring that in his earlier life he had been addicted to personal vices which by law should for ever exclude him from the platform of the Athenian assembly.

If you do that, you will not fail of respect, and you will have timarchs same sentiments when you are called to enforce laws that you had when you made them ; but if you do otherwise, it will appear that when crimes are about to be committed, you foresee them and are angry, but after they have been committed, you no longer care.

Twelve letters have come down under the zgainst of Aeschines, but scholars are agreed in denying their genuineness. If, therefore, you do what is right and best, we on our part shall, if it be your wish, be able more zealously to call wrongdoers to account.


Note that in your text, laws, depositions, and similar, indicated by squre brackets, are later additions; they were not part of Aeschines’ published text of the speech.

The findings of the auditors were sub- ject to review by a court. For he says that if certain men by slandering this beauty of body shall cause beauty to be a misfortune to those who possess it, then in your public verdict you will contradict your personal prayers.

Read first the verses about the vengeance on Hector. Soon after their return Demosthenes, supported by Timarchus, a prominent politician, who had served with Demosthenes in the senate the previous year, brought formal charge of treason against Aeschines. Philip will be largely in evidence, and the name of Philip’s son Alexander is going to be mixed up in it.

By Zeus and Apollo, many a time before now have I marvelled at the good fortune of your city, shown on many other occasions, but not least in this, that in those days he found nobody to whom he could sell the state of Andros!

If any one enter in aainst tion of this prohibition, he shall be punished with death. In the second place, it is easy to demonstrate the folly agalnst this plea. And if any one contrary to these prohibitions, the lawgiver has provided for criminal process on the charge of prostitution, and has prescribed the heaviest penalties therefor. Now if, as you are passing along the street, any one should ask you, ” Pray, what is the fellow doing at this moment?