Agranat Commission of Inquiry Interim Report (April ) il/news/politics/ Chapter 1: Preface. 1. Israel finally releases the late prime minister’s testimony before the Agranat in advance but did not properly pass information along, declassified report says. The Agranat Commission’s reports were ferociously debated on the front pages of newspapers, on radio and television, by every cab driver and shopkeeper.

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They were standing on Saturday.

Agranat Commission – Wikipedia

He became the target of one of the most acrimonious and caustic torrents of criticism the country has ever known. Inthis special committee, spearheaded by Chairman Justice Yitzhak Engelhard, has gradually approved the publication of about fifty testimonies, which have attracted substantial public interest.

Its main clause stated:. War and Peace in the Middle Qgranat. I don’t have a reasonable response for this, I didn’t talk to the Aman chief, there are people who are bigger experts than me when it comes to Intel. There was no chance of destroyed the Egyptian air force on the ground.

Stubborn adherence of the intelligence heads to what was called “the concept” according to which a Egypt would not go to war against Israel, unless it could first ensure that it was able to penetrate Israeli air defenses in depth. In Abba Eban ‘s words “The conclusions The report consists of 2, pages in 6 volumes. In Hebrew, a replrt can never occur at the beginning of a word.

As Israel marks 40 years since its traumatic war, all eyes are on Syria and its chemical weapons. The contradictions are numerous and a full account would look like Rashomon – many different interpretations of agranatt same action.


The report was published at various levels of secrecy and only a part of it was made public.

He knew what was going on in the fronts, he knew this is a source he could hear something important from, he got the codeword chemicals, which meant war and he went. Questions and Answers Why Yom Kippur day?

The Agranat Commission

Yom Kippur War revelations underline gravity of Iran dilemma facing Israel today. This caused agrant much public concern that Sharon was asked to appear before the Commission, [3] which accepted his testimony that the quote was in the context of a specific event which occurred under very exceptional circumstances.

Golda Meir protocols from Agranat Commission released. In Septembera spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defense announced the publication of a more comprehensive edition of the Agranat Report. Presented to the Israeli government on April 1,this booklet of about forty pages was widely discussed on the front pages of Israeli newspapers immediately upon its publication.

Agranat Commission

Additional resignations of senior officers due to Agranat Commission recommendations included the head of the AMAN research departmentagrnaat head of the Egyptian branch in the research department and others. The Agranat Commission found that the “The Chief of Staff, General David Elazar, has personal responsibility for events preceding the war, but regarding the evaluation of the situation and regarding the readiness of the IDF.

How did the war stop?

Israeli Military in politics. The lack of definition of responsibilities that is current in the area of defense, an area second to none in critical importance, makes effective action difficult, detracts from focusing legal authority and even causes lack of clarity and abranat in the public After his departure, Gonen argued that he had only been in the post for a few months and that the command had been neglected by his predecessor Ariel Sharon.


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A great deal of time was wasted because air command could not decide whether to attack air bases or SAM missile installations. It is noteworthy that even after the information was transmitted to the government, the government failed to begin a general call up of reserves or even an adequate partial call up.

Thus, Hatiqva is preferable to Hatikva for example. Quoting from the Agranat report in translation: The attack on air bases was modeled on Operation Focus of the Six day war. The findings of the Agranat Commission notwithstanding, Dayan panicked at a crucial moment and began babbling about “the fall of the Third Temple.

Aircraft were configured and reconfigured for each type of attack – an operation that took hours.

From their adherence to the doctrine of the conceptions and their willingness to excuse the deployment of the enemy along the front lines, which was unprecedented in its size The public part of the report was written as if the Agranat commission was not aware of several key facts about the war:.

The Agranat Commission Hebrew: We find that there ageanat no basis for giving the IDF such a decisive report.