The Spiritmaster class is not the most natural path of progression from href=”http ://” target=”_blank”>the. How does one become a Spiritmaster? In Aion there are what is known as base classes. There are a total of 4 base classes and every player. Blade of earth – removed . no comment best group skill of the sm. and those CD changes ok this will be totally dumb thats for sure. another.

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They hit hard and are a great assister that stay right next to you during combat, although they have low HP and can’t take many hits. Altogether you get 5 pets, your 4 main pets each having 4 levels or upgrades. In PvP, it can chase down people and stun them.

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The fire pet is like your personal gladiator. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. They are also limited to the amount of attacks they can do before disappearing. They are strong and very effective in group settings.

He has low defense and low HP, but when he swings in melee he hits hard and quick, oh ya and stuns. Highlights of the Aion Spiritmaster Guide: From here, these base classes branch off into 2 new classes per base class. Each skill lets you summon two energy orbs. Lol, that is a fb link that redirects to youtube.


It has the best taunt rate than any of the other pets and will ensure quick and easy leveling. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. This was the reason at level 28 you gain Command: Although Spiritmasters are already powerful on their own, the right set of gear can mean a whole world of difference when trying to kill your opponent or to survive a barrage of continuous attacks.

By knowing the exact skills to use against each class and the summons to use for each specific fight, your Spiritmaster becomes virtually untouchable and thereby unbeatable in all PvPvE situations, even when faced with those pesky Assassins.

It has low defense and low HP making it hard to keep alive. Do Sorcerer’s and Spiritmasters gain the same abilities while they are still a Mage?

Aion Online Spiritmaster Guide

This guide is available for instant download! Although it is a very strong and favorable pet, it is not very good for solo PvE. In this case, a Spiritmaster. Although not the greatest pet in PvP it does have its application. The DoTs are a good way to deplete the mana pool of healers and to ensure a steady flow of damage output.

SM 6.0 Skill changes

This is due to spirifmaster wide array of utility skills and their situational pets. I feel like abandoning my sm from now. It has high ASPD which can be increased even spirutmastera high chance to physically crit, can stun, and offers the ability to increase the drop rate of loot on mobs. They are Warrior, Scout, Mage, and Priest. They are actually apples and oranges for the most part, sharing but a few similarities.


The layout looks neat, easy to spot differences. Aion Spiritmaster Guide Author: Spiritmasters focus on their pets each bring a strength and weakness to the table and differ from each other as well as on some basic CC skills, DoTs, Debuffs, and other forms of utility. The fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness that turns good men The orb has better overall stats but is a melee ranged weapon.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free. Learning the PvPvE Spiritmaster tactics available in this book will not only make you the victor in evenly matched situations, but may even allow you to turn the tide when the odds are against you.

Is their damage output subpar?

Aion Spiritmaster Guide

For a full list of skills visit The Aion Armory. By providing not only the best strategies and techniques that facilitates a smooth income of Kinah but also the locations to go to to make the most out of your time, this handbook is invaluable to any Spiritmaster aiming to make it rich in the game!

You may only have 1 pet up at a time. Upon completing this quest it will ask you what path you want i.

See more Aion guides. Where can I read more on the Spiritmaster class?