The qprt command creates and queues a print job to print the file you specify. . Note: The AIX operating system also supports the BSD UNIX print command. Download qprt-to-lp for free. qprt-to-lp is a simple wrapper script to pass AIX qprt commands to Linux CUPS lp command. This allows programs. To submit a print job to a queue, use either lp, lpr, or qprt. All the jobs will go to the AIX 5L features a number of commands and facilities to perform this task.

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To rename a file or directoryspecify its name followed by the newname to be used.

The only parameter is the aliasedCommand you wish to remove from your list of aliases. You can change the access mode of the directories created by specifying -m and then the access privileges to be given to that subdirectory.

Always prints the header or trailer pages.

qprt Command

If you wish to format your output with the pr command, you can specify the -p option. Contains the queue and queue device configuration file. Do not send a form feed command to the printer. This command writes standard input to standard output and the specified file. The -f akx will not prompt the user before deleting write- protected files, but the -i option will.

The cursor will also be placed at the place it was located when you last edited the file.

The fg command can be used to move a process to the foreground. Sets the print quality to one of the following: This command determines whether you are notified of incoming mail upon receipt. Consult your printer manual for the values assigned to specific paper sizes. You can use the qprt command to add a printer or plotter without adding a queue if you do not want to spool print jobs for the printer or plotter. If this flag is not specified, the pr command uses the print file name as the header.


The first character applies to header pages. The -a option causes tee to append the text to file instead of overwriting it. The bottom and top margins can be set by specifying the margin to be used with the -b and -t options respectively. The -c option specifies the class to use as the job classification.

Starting a Print Job (qprt Command)

If no options are specified, AIX will show all processes belonging to the user’s current shell. If you wish to change the status of the queue, you will ax syntax number four. Before you can print a file, you must have read access to it. This command displays the number of lines, words, and bytes in the specified files.

Character ranges are enclosed within brackets [ and ]. If the printer you select does not support the specified input data typeand if filters are not available to convert the data type of your print file or files to a data type supported by the printer, the print job terminates with an error message. This command can be used to link file1 to file2. You can set one of the following: Based on the input data type and the data type expected by the printer, the print files are passed through filters if necessary ai being sent to the printer.

aix printing to selected specific special trayWaldemar Mark Duszyk

The -r option will append files to the archive file. The -c option will display a count showing the number of times each line appears in the file. Contains the qprt command.


This flag applies to AIX Version 4.

The available values for the OutputBin include: Ajx OS prompt displayed depends on which command interpreter shell you are running and any configurations installed. A choice between options is denoted by a vertical bar ‘ ‘. If you do not specify any parameters, mesg will report your terminal’s current message receiving status.

Otherwise, q;rt spooler assigns the first available printer. This command can be used to sort the contents of a file, merge sorted files, and check if a file has already been sorted. You can specify any of the following input data types: On the next page is a table of the various options and a brief description. This command is used for communicating with shared resources, such as a printer.

This command will delete the specified file, even if it is write protected. If you wish to specify a different userIDplace it after the -l option. If the file already exists, you will be asked if ajx wish to continue.

Kyocera Printing Support for IBM AIX

The -f option will attempt to change the times regardless of the write permissions of the files. You can remove an alias by using the unalias command. The -a option will change the access times and the -m option will alter the modification time.

The -s option invokes the chsh command which lets you change your default shell. To print a file from standard input, specify a – dash instead of a qort name.

This command serves the same function as man -f command.