Results 1 – 12 of 18 (a story for juvenile). Feb 1, by Akhtaruzzaman Elias Akhtaruzzaman Elias: Racanasamagra by Akhtaruzzaman Elias. Akhtaruzzaman Elias. K likes. Akhtaruzzaman Elias is a major Bengal fiction writer particularly noted for his subtle sense of humor, realistic use of. Akhtaruzzaman Elias: (* +) wrote only two novels – Chilekothar Sepai ( Sentry of the Attic, ) and Khoabnama (Dream- Elegy, ) but he has.

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But these two texts and his short stories, not many in akhtaruzsaman, have turned him into an icon, remembered and revered. The loss of one breast by two women both Muslim — one by the Hindus one by the Muslims — adds a special meaning to the whole plot of the novel — the best of which denotes the separation of India and Pakistan for which Bangla was divided and was made incomplete — that incompleteness is yet to be completed, history says.

Based on a sensitive and meticulous deconstruction of Elias’s texts, it should encourage readers to proceed to the texts themselves.

The origin of his desire is caused from the long heritage of Kulsum.

Akhteruzzaman Elias

He observes the activities of his son. When Kalam enters her house Kulsum is talking in her dream and thus the horrendous spectacle is displayed.

From the very beginning of the novel, we observe the use of dreams in Khoabnama hugely and abruptly. Akhteruzzaman Elias was born on 12 February, Thus the incident of Kolkata spreads with manifold interpretation across the villages also.


It was the time, when his last and most praised novel Khoabnama was published.

Another novelist Nasreen Jahan b is also a significant one in the trend. Mashrafe Hunt for dozens missing in deadly Russia high-rise blast Security beefed up in city to prevent post-election akhtatuzzaman No wkhtaruzzaman threat over 31st Night: Shangbad authority published the clarification.

He successfully created a post-realistic discourse in his two epic novels. Refuge-problem is another consequence of the partition of India. In his another volume of short stories Khoanri was published. At the end of the novel Sakhina is seen with Fuljan at Kathlahar Bil where Sakhina remakes her connection with her forefathers where remains the long hereditary connection only, nothing else. In the later years, three Bandyopadhyays Bibhutibhushan, Tarasankar and Manik xkhtaruzzaman Syed Waliullah developed the trend of modern Bangla novels.

If also says that Suhrawardy himself has come out of his house with a pistol to kill the Hindus. Akhtaruzzaman Elias joined as a professor in Dhaka College in Elias could not be able to make his dream a reality, but we can realize his power to portray the reality in dream for which Khoabnama is an outstanding example. In fact, by applying the theories of the neo-Marxians and post-moderns Theodor Adorno, Frederic Jameson, Jacques Derrida and others to the creative texts of Elias, he demonstrates how theory and praxis come to be interwoven is a comparatist’s discourse.

Pundranagar as its set and the thousand-year-old history of Bogra as its theme. After the brutal killing of Bangabandhu and most of his family members, when the government changed, Dainik Shangbad stopped to publish his novel. Through the story of different families and communities of the locality he has manipulated his ideals. Akhtaruzzaman Elias started his literary career with the volume of short stories Anya Ghore Anya Swar inthough before it his Chilekothar Sepai began to be published serially in a national daily.


Stories about Kathlahar Bil, and the concerned people are no less indispensable than fairy elements.

There is no doubt that Elias swore allegiance to the oppressed akhtaruzzxman that is why he condemned the Partition of Bengal as a ploy to deceive the exploited, both Hindu and Muslim.

Before settling down in a peaceful situation the Akhtaruzaaman movement starts. In his fourth volume of short stories Dhojokher Om was brought out. Meanwhile the agitated mob of Majhi Para fishing community try to attack the Kachhari local office of the Zamindar.

Quality Matters for Him | |

The Author examines Elias’s poetry, short akhtaduzzaman, two novels, and his cosmovision and then analyses the varied responses of the readers of Bangladesh. On January 04, Elias died. They all secure their own interest, but at the end of the day, they all feel sympathy for each other. Without any prior information he takes a train bound for Santahar from where he gets the train for Hilly or Jaydebpur or Takurgaon and thus the story of Tamij ends in dreams — the dreams of a family where he is an human being, more over where he is a husband elia Fuljan, a father of his daughter.