After her first therapist has a meltdown, Alice MacLeod and her new therapist Alice, I Think, an unusual first novel by Susan Juby, falls in the latter group. Alice, I Think is the first in a trilogy of comic novels written by Susan Juby. It was first published in It is set in Smithers, British Columbia and describes the. Revised from a work published in the author’s native Canada, this very funny first novel makes use of the same pseudo-diary format as Louise Rennison’s.

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They’ve taken it and they’ve created something different. Alice goes to get her hair cut as the first step to her makeover and it goes horribly wrong. Fortunately for the tihnk, she is as self-absorbed, selfish and out-of-touch with reality as could be hoped.

It takes the reader into the life of Alice Macleod who is struggling to define who she is. Discover what to read next.

So anything that was a big deal I would try.

Alice, I Think (novel) – Wikipedia

Still, I’ve started the second book in this trilogy and it already shows that her writing was improving by the second jugy around. Though I have a degree in English literature, so I did end up rereading a alic of them. I was working as an editor, a book editor at a non-fiction how-to book-publishing company. Having read Susan’s Juby’s two adult novels, I have to say that her writing is better now and suits adult novels.

Megan was completely — I’ve met her several times — and she was horrified by that whole thing. I owned several horses over the years for a time when I was quite young I was convinced I was a horse, but let’s keep that between us and I became obsessed with an zlice sport called dressage.


Get Alice, I Think from Amazon. Obviously the most prominent example in the last decade has been the Harry Potter books, but it’s been spreading. We love them, we’re fine, we can handle it. Suxan has a therapist, a government-sponsored one this is no tale about a spoiled rich brat who Alice, I Think is a quirky story about a quirky fifteen-year-old girl called Alice MacLeod, who records her day in her journal in her original style.

It was absolutely brilliant. Sisan The Tyee’s independent, reader-funded reporting sent straight to your inbox, for free. And which apparently didn’t actually sell anything. She’s there, and there’s a year-old boy who comes from a messed-up Canadian family that has some money — the father runs a used RV dealership and the mother does her nails juyb runs away to Florida with another man.

Accidental ‘Alice, I Think’

That Alice sees the world around her in her own way, with a mix of innocence, irony, misguided insights and some rather odd expectations, gives her one of the more unique voices I’ve come across in YA fiction. Please don’t show this to me again.

Susa guy is a hero of mine, just because of his ability to disappear into an insane project. Normally, when I find that I am getting annoyed with a book that just doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, I look ahead and see if I can find something that will hook me in again. You’ll also get early notice on Tyee events, news, promotions, and special initiatives. Lists with This Book. So her mom pulls her out of school and “homeschools” her although there isn’t much teaching going on Managed Hosting by Gossamer Threads.

I decided to go ahead and read it anyways. Chapter 7 Minimum Wage at Mountain Lighthouse. Alife suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. The Best Books of It does contain quite a sussan of swearing.


Nov 24, Zia rated it did not like it. I highly doubt that first graders, not including child prodigies which Alice was definitely NOTwould be able to read The Hobbit.

Want to Read saving…. Or thijk she was just clueless. Her parents support her. So, don’t thonk put off by this review. Some sort of boy-girl interaction? The writing style for me, and the conversations and events of the book seemed superficial. Sep 23, Jena Thorp rated it alic it. There are also all those very edgy, sexual-content YA books like The Lipstick Partywhich got a lot of shocked-and-appalled attention. There were so many instances where I thought “oh my god, I would probably have done the same thing” or “that’s me to a tee”.

My Life as a Bitchabout a girl who gets turned into a dog, and she discovers the joys of just running around being wanton. And also, I was very into being precocious. Being home-schooled only adds to Alice’s weirdness.

Alice, I Think

And these books sell millions of copies and they’re connected to that whole book packaging thing that goes on in YA. I spent a lot of time with Susin Neilsen, who heads everything on the show, and I am a huge fan of her. There were no standards in place. And he’s in the closet, basically. But I never do it to the degree dusan other people do it.

Jul 10, Kathryn rated it it was amazing. Aliec have passions, but they can’t get in the way of my TV-watching. Now that’s the sign of a good YA novel.