Amongst Women has ratings and reviews. Paul said: Did you read any great novels recently about a thoroughly decent man? A guy who wasn’t violen. John McGahern was born in Dublin and brought up in the west of Ireland. He is the author of three collections of short stories and six novels, including Amongst. John McGahern, who died on March 30th, , set the bar for the rest of us.

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One makes room for it, as most of Moran’s family does, or denies it outright, like Luke, but there is no compromise.

Amongst Women (John McGahern) – book review

His adjustment from guerrilla fighter to father is never complete, and the question of how to maintain authority over children somen allowing them room to grow is central to the novel. Moran is left on his own with Rose and simply becomes more introverted and depressed. His children strive to domen their own lives mcfahern remaining loyal to the family.

Whenever he earned money from his books, he would buy another field for his cows, whom he loved. And the specialness they feel because of their father’s way of setting apart the family from others. Everyone lives their lives in step with Moran’s moods which change quickly without warning. Check the front cover of the novel!

This is a character driven novel and the plot takes a back seat.

Irish lore is endlessly fascinating, and its no surprise that so many great writers and poets come from Ireland, and continue to do so. It is like a locked-room mystery without the mystery or the locked room.

He continued walking the fields like a man trying to see. Please try again later.

The best novels: No 97 – Amongst Women by John McGahern () | Books | The Guardian

Moran was a once prominent Republican who fought for Irish independence in the s. These links are forged in the novel by its most repetitive narrative ritual and the family prayer from which it derives its title. There are few dramatic highs and lows and events are paced at the normal tempo of life. It is written in beautifully clear prose.


Moran’s personality becomes apparent in his dealings with his family, who all love and respect him despite his violent outbursts and his lack of apologies. He thinks that his time in the IRA was the best of his life, and misses the security provided by the military’s structure, rules, and clear demarcation of power.

Brian Friel, Dancing at Lughnasa In this highly acclaimed play, five Irish sisters search for their individual identities, both within their common bonds and, when necessary, beyond the amongsr arms of family. Sometimes Mcgahedn got away from her family to come with her and she drove down for a few hours as well as now and again in the middle of the week. Mchahern, the older son, leaves for London because of his father’s overbearing authority and only returns once.

How wrong I was. Read it Forward Read it first. View all 4 comments. All of that said, there are ways in which every closed system fails to stay entirely closed, and this is true of Moran.

Amongst Women Reader’s Guide

Set in rural Jogn over a lengthy period in the mid 20th century, it tells the story of the family of Moran, a man who fought in the War of Independence as the head of a flying column, but was left behind by the bureaucrats once the struggle was won, and who now farms in the west of Ireland.

At six the body would be taken to the church. A great read for those looking for a considered appreciation of Ireland and the Wmoen. It is barely mentioned. The story follows Moran as his remaining children move away, with all but the estranged and unforgiving Luke returning to the farm frequently. It begins with one of the great opening sentences: The focus is on scenes in which some or all of the family are assembled and the narrative moves in and out of the consciousness of various members of the group.


However, even at his most physically incapacitated, Moran has still not lost his hold over his daughters: Would such an identity be desirable?

He fought a war with a certain idealism and what he learned was that all sides mcahern the fighting were tied up in corruption. A widower early in life, his contraryness is very much in evidence throughout his ‘courtship’ of Rose, who on marrying him becomes a rock in the house of Great Meadow. Moran is a widower but he is also an ex-IRA solider, a fine and intelligent one at that, whose war is over in everywhere but the arena of his bitterness.

When he marries Rose Brady things change slowly but subtly. He has created a microcosm in Great Meadow from which to view and comment on the changes which have come about after the War johj Independence. Instead he allows it to emerge subtly, slowly and organically, from the deadened rituals in which the characters indulge.

Amongst Women by John McGahern

Jlhn is either that, or he has to leave them all behind. View all 8 comments. Then I realized, looking back, some scenes just came rushing back to my mind A Masterful Irish Novelist.