Uploaded by sauron This is the first edition of “The Mastery of Life” (), the successful promotional booklet describing the Rosicrucian Order, A.M.O.R.C. Can being a Rosicrucian student give you Mastery of Life? Home Study Lessons Initiation and Fraternity The History of Rosicrucianism AMORC Today How to. with the mastery of life. The men . pared to meet all of the obstacles of life, to sweep A.M.O.R.C. The references appear under the subject of “Rosicrucian.”.

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Inquiry Lists If you contact us or one of our Rosicrucian Groups for the purpose of inquiring for our free information, then we shall keep your name and address on a secure file. Its great power can be applied to the everyday affairs of your life with startling results.

If someone living in your household is also interested in studying with us, please take advantage of our Companion Membership programme, which offers considerable financial savings. The mystical experience transcends nature. That is why the Rosicrucian Order is in existence today and has been for centuries, offering people a way to realise their own infinitely powerful and mastsry nature.

Nicholas Flamel, and Robert Fludd You will quickly discover that we do not insist or even ask you to believe anything in the studies. And it is the path each must travel in their own time if they are to reach their ultimate personal evolution. The Rosicrucian Forum with in-depth articles on aspects of the Rosicrucian studies and answers to questions from Rosicrucian students is a private publication for Rosicrucian students only.

Rosicrucian: Mastery of Life

We expect you to respectfully listen to what we have if say, to accept what is logical and rational, and question what is not. The only thing we really do require of you though is tolerance of the opinions of others, and patience with your own inner development. The Mastrey of the Mystic As a Rosicrucian student, you will be walking along the path of the mystic. Each degree covers an important step you need in order to benefit from the following degree.

As an organisation we are amotc by the Commonwealth of Australia Privacy Act of Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Once your application has reached us it will be reviewed.


We do this so we can inform you of any masyery activities which may interest you. However, the teachings continue past this point bringing greater depth and advancement towards illumination. G Yes G No If yes, please list them No other fees are required, nor must you purchase any books or other supplementary materials.

Would you like to experience Mastery of Life?

Rarely, especially in the early formative years, are we taught inner development; with an emphasis on intuition, the subconscious mind, independent thinking, self esteem, self- confidence, psychic or inner spiritual growth. The Rosicrucian studies give you specific knowledge of metaphysics, mysticism, psychology, parapsychology, philosophy, and science Participation in initiation rituals does not, in itself, make you a true initiate, and Rosicrucian students are not required to participate in rituals.

The Rosicrucian system does not promise instant enlightenment: It is in this attainment that one secures the deepest and most all-embracing sense of peace and harmony with self and all of creation. Only you can judge their validity by putting them to the test. And only you can decide whether or not to accept them into your life.

We endeavour to give you a system of living that lige you lasting success, happiness and peace, and we firmly believe our system can work for you if you give it a chance. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead.

Yet it is not o. To our knowledge, it is the only system that does this. In these wholly Rosicrucian areas, we especially ask that you approach them with sincerity and a genuine desire to understand. You have the option and privilege of a,orc a Lodge, Chapter or Pronaos if there is one in your area.

These are the great questions the brave and insightful have always sought answers to. Much of it goes back to the mystery schools of ancient Egypt and Europe. If you would like to participate in the Rosicrucian system of personal and spiritual development, fill in all the information requested additional application forms can be downloaded from our website and return your application along with your ot fee and dues payments.

Cand more particularly from his grandson Pharaoh Amenhotep IV also known as Akhnaton – through to the Greek philosophers such as Thales and Pythagoras, the Roman philosopher Plotinus, and others like Parmenides, who journeyed to Egypt and were initiated into the mystery schools – through to the symbolism hidden in the love songs of Troubadours, the formularies of Alchemists, the symbolical system known as the Qabalah, and the rituals of Orders of Knighthood during the dark and dangerous times of if Europe.


The Grand Lodge Bulletin – a newsletter which keeps members updated on national and international Rosicrucian events, membership information and news. No rite or ceremony is a true initiation if it does not do the following; a cause you to engage in introspection, that is, turn your consciousness within, to look mxstery yourself; b engender within you a feeling of aspiration and idealism; and c exact from you a sacred obligation or promise which you make to yourself that you will try to fulfil your aspirations.

You will understand the natural laws that govern all realms. Imagine having the ability to actualise your highest potential in all areas of life including family and social relationships, career, health, and personal development.

Yet despite all this the inner self does remain alive in everyone, and many are ready to heed its call. Spencer Lewis, who recieved the authority from the Rosicrucian Order in worldwide. In these beautiful rituals, mystical laws and principles are demonstrated in a dramatic form, to both inform and inspire you.

We know, not believe through faith, or ammorc only through scientific observation, but we simply and truly know. To serve this diverse population, the Order is divided into jurisdictions known as Grand Lodges each responsible for a specific language or region.

Exactly what you are seeking, wmorc you want to accomplish, what challenges you face or difficulties you want to conquer is, of course, only for you to judge.

On the physical level You can discover how to achieve vibrant health and increase your vitality. Furthermore, this insight, devoid of ego, is thoroughly comprehended as truthful. Can being a Rosicrucian student give you Mastery of Life?

When it is acceptable and complete, we will send you your first package of study materials. Each exercise supports, reinforces, and builds upon the preceding exercises and techniques, leading to balanced, full development.