Now the truth of this history will appear by considering the arguments on both sides. III. The arguments alleged for the testimony of the Three in. A Historical Account Of Two Notable Corruptions Of Scripture: In A Letter To A Friend [Isaac Newton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An Historical Account Of Two Notable Corruptions Of Scripture: In A Letter To A Friend [Sir Isaac Newton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Hieronymi super Epistolas manifeste apparet.

The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms Amended. And so doth Oecu menius a later Greek in his commentary on this place of S.

I nltable that the conclusion we make of its being then the general uncontroverted reading must needs be granted us. For Hesy- chius1 cites the place thus: Having given you the history of the controversy, I shall now confirm all that I have said from the sense of the text itself.

But if there should, I presume it will not corruptionss difficult, now the falsation is thus far laid open, to know what construction to put upon them, and how to apply them. Austin you have in the places cited above.

Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture (part 2: ff. ) (Normalized Version)

Then Jerome, for the same end, inserted the Trinity in express words into his version. Htec Morinus in Exercitationibus Biblicis, lib. The first edition in greek which has the testimo ny of the three in heaven was that of Cardinal Xime nes printed at Complutum in Spain A. For whereas Nestorius said it was a crea ture which was justified, Cassian tells him that if he had read the whole text he would have found that it was the mystery corruptiions godlinesse. For these two Versions were made long after the sixt Century wherein the corruption began.


Et spiritus est qui testificatur quoniam Christus est veritas: So also one of the Arians in a homily, printed in Fulgentius’s works, reads o, and interprets it of the Son of God, who was. So then the authority of the printed books oof only upon the authority of the editions of Erasmus and Cardinal Ximenes.

Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture (part 1: ff. ) (Normalized Version)

Therefore, he says, without controversy it is great. Quidam ipsas scripturas verbis illicitis imposturave runt, sicut Macedonius Constantinopolitanus episcopus.

The passage is this. So in 1 Thes. Let them make good sense of it who are able. Cyprians words run thus.

An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture

Incipit Prologus in Epistolas canonicas. Nor has all the zeal for this text been able since to discover one either in Spain or any where else. Sed hoc Joachim perverse trahere volens ad unitatem charitatis et consensus, inducebat consequentem auctoritatem.

Colbert, and the Benedictines of the Abbey of St. But on the contrary, for disproving it, we have here the tes timonies of Facundus, S. God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.


The passage is this1: It may seem by what has corrjptions hitherto said that this Testimony is not to be found in Greek Manuscripts.

Legit Hieronymus, legit Erasmus in Britannico codice et in Complutensi editione.

Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture (part 2: ff. 43-48)

But to put the question out of dispute there are footsteps of the insertion still remaining. I understand not why we should be so fond of them now the debates are over. And so here where the testimony of the three in heaven is generally wanting in the greek copies, they make a third marginal note to secure themselves from being blamed for printing it. So then the testimony of Cyprian respects the eighth, or at least is as applicable to that verse as to the seventh, and therefore is of no force for proving the truth of the seventh: