British Israelism (also called Anglo-Israelism) is a doctrine based on the hypothesis that people of Western European and Northern European descent are the. Anglo-Israelism (also called British Israelism) is a pseudoscientific and pseudohistorical doctrine held by certain Christians based on the. A ranking authority on Anglo-Israelism is Professor E. Odlum, M.A., , F.R.C., Inst., etc. He is author of an unusual book in defense of the Anglo-Israel theory.

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British Israelism

The termination “ish” is identified with the Hebrew ish “man” ; “Spanish” means “Spain-man”; while “British” is identified with Berit-ish “man of the covenant”. There are a few questions that push up at this point: This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat Her own feet shall carry her afar off to sojourn. In the New Testament: The house of Este, one of the oldest houses in Italy, married into the houses of Brunswick and Hanover, from which descended the English kings and their line of sovereigns.

The assertions of Anglo-Israelists to the contrary, notwithstanding. Read it in Matt. John Matthews, May 22, They must prove that the British and American people are these lost ten tribes. The application to anyone informed in these Old Testament facts will not be difficult.


That all baptized into Christ are the seed of Abraham—Gal. Greenwood, a monthly journal, Heir of the World, New York, No more so than the United States government lends endorsement or encouragement to the Mormon claim that the original Americans are the ten tribes of Israel.

They base their theory jsraelism these verses in Genesis 22, which we will now read and examine. By that statement it is meant that Great Britain is that government and that people. So said Isaiah, 90 said Hosea, so said Ezekiel. But the Anglo-Israel “scriptural intimation” consists in interpretations of prophecy that are purely arbitrary.

Read 1 Kings 12 and Armstrong, Europe and America in Prophecy Paul said, cast out the Sinai covenant and her son. First, Joshua called it “the land which he sware to give unto their fathers.

The History of a Mythstates that the proof cited by adherents of British Israelism is “of a feeble composition even by the low standards of israelksm genre. Peter tells very plainly who this nation is, and when the transfer was isrzelism from the fleshly to the spiritual nation. About a israeliwm years ago imposter Joseph Smith made the false claim of having special divine revelations, published a bogus book and Mormonism was born.

Its Impact on Britain”. And Manchuria could very easily descend from Manasseh—Manchuria, you know?


British Israel theology varies from the conventionally Protestant Christian. In Nehemiah they are called Jews eleven times and Israel twenty two times.

What is British Israelism and is it biblical?

Another passage in Jeremiah adds strength and beauty to these prophetic visions of the Messiah, the David Christ, soon to become their King. British Israelism arose in England, then spread to the United States. More recently, it has been renamed Destiny.

The Anglo-Israel authority Odlum, pagevirtually concedes this consequence in this commitment: Finally, it was prophesied that Israel should bear another name Isa. Was Jesus sent only to the ten tribes? Moreover, Ezekiel 37 pictures the “whole house of Israel” in return from the Babylonian captivity. A Genetic History of the Jewish People. The Scarecros Press, Inc. The promise israekism next repeated to Jacob in Gen.

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The two sons were the two nations fleshly and spiritual.