This handbook is designed to be a useful collection of engineering and technical information on electrical and optical wire and cable and related products. Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Read more about conductor, cables, electrical, conductors, voltage and resistance. View Anixter Cable from ENG 1 at Tsinghua University. WIRE AND CABLE TECHNICAL INFORMATION HANDBOOK $ HARDBOUND $

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There’s a problem loading this menu right now. If you’re designing anything from a house to consumer electronics, it’s a very valuable resource. EPDM techniccal Ethylene propylene diene monomer.

For example, Black 3 cm 1. At the cable end having the highest elevation apply two layers of half-lapped HV insulating tape to act as a sealing cushion. Conversely, a rise in temperature will generally increase resistance in a conductor. That is, the ratio of the diameter of one size to that of the next smaller size larger gauge number is: The most popular control cables hanrbook in sizes 8 AWG and larger are three conductor cables having black insulation surface ink printed with the numbers 1, 2, and 3.

Continental Europe Cables are subjected to five, 15 second duration applications of a specified flame. These units are portable, commercially available devices which can be used in the field to locate some types of conductor breaks or shorts. Techhnical larger conductor sizes the shortcircuited sheath losses increase rapidly invormation the intormation above does not apply.


This includes hookup and lead wire, airframe wire, control cable and coax. Such strength members provide tensile load properties similar to electronic cables and, in some cases, are used as temperature stabilization elements.

Insulation is applied around a conductor to provide this isolation. Electrical tape is then applied over the armor and down over tedhnical conductors and a long basket-weave grip is applied such that it grips both the armor and the conductors. Numerous methods of application are used, dependent upon resistance of the soil at the tower base.

Mating different plastics could lead to intermolecular migration, which means material from one tip will, over time, embed itself in the opposing tip and vice versa. Purge the shield separately from the insulated strands; otherwise the nitrogen gas will only flow through the path offering the least resistance.

Halar ECTFE is similar to Tefzel and is also used hndbook wirewrap applications, but since it is less expensive than Tefzel, it is often used as insulation on multipair plenum telephone cables. Class 2 technial 3 cables must be rated at least volts, but may not be so marked.

Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Handbook

Fluoropolymers contain fluorine in their molecular composition which contributes to their excellent thermal, chemical, mechanical, and electrical characteristics. The table represents maximum AC losses for the conditions outlined.

Used extensively in automobiles and aircraft to prevent static buildup. The ijformation is placed so the inner cone meets the test sample surface. Proof Testing—At any time during the period of guarantee the cable circuit may be removed from service and tested at a reduced voltage normally 65 percent of the original acceptance value for 5 consecutive minutes. The most common polyolefins used in wire and cable include: M 14, 16, 18, 20 0. Hypalon is a registered trademark of E.


For copper T M 5 0.

May have steel supporting strand in the center, V. A constant or decreasing leakage current caable respect to time at maximum test voltage is the usual acceptance criterion for DC hipot testing. They will maintain adequate flexibility after repeated aging at elevated temperatures. It typically has low mechanical strength and poor scuff handbpok. This can be accomplished in a number of ways.

As the number of circular mils increase, the size of a wire increases.

Anixter Wire & Cable Technical Information Handbook

With pulling eye attached to aluminum conductors, the maximum pulling tension in pounds should not infoemation 0. It is measured in decibels per unit length of cable. Ampacity equals the 60 Hertz ampacity multiplied by the derating factor.

The PE jacket and metal armoring isolate signal-carrying conductor pairs from moisture, mechanical damage, and lightning induced voltages. This is due to the difference between bayonet and screw couplings. Thus, the more free electrons a material has, the better it conducts. It is nearly impossible to recommend techncial voltage values for maintenance.