Magyar: Béla király Névtelen Jegyzője krónikájának első lapja A GESTA HUNGARORUM egyetlen kéziratos példánya, a tiroli Ambras várának. Anonymus and Master Roger: Gesta Hungarorum: Anonymi Bele Regis Notarii An anonymous notary of King Bela (probably Bela III) of Hungary wrote a Latin. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Oct 1, , Martyn Rady and others published The Gesta Hungarorum of Anonymus, the Anonymous Notary of King Bela.

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This fact does not rule out a dating of stage I during the time of Gelou, because the fortress could have remained untouched, since, accord- ing to GH, the men of Gelou surrendered to the Hungarians after his death.

Their works contribute to a better understanding of the archaeological background of our topic.

The Pannonian origin of three monks from the Disentis monastery southern Germanyall of them called Pannonius in a document from 86 is uncertain. It should be noted that the Avars entered Transylvania with a significant delay after the conquest of the region between the Danube and the Tisza aftermaybe even later.

Kniezsa did not find any etymo- logy for the name Bereve which recalls an old Romanian name, Be- rivoiand consequently he ignored it, as well as the village Chobanka attested in near Budawhich hungatorum obviously derived from Rom. The use of such oral sources should not be con- sidered a proof of superficiality or of ignorance. There is way more fiction than fact. Sirmium was occupied induring the Hunnish offensive toward the Lower Danube.

File:Gesta Hungarorum Anonymous.jpg

The Magyars subsequently expelled the Vlakhs, took their land, and settled among the Slavs, whom they reduced to submission. He also considered that the population ruled by Gelou was composed only by Slavs.


For this reason, there are similar names in Transylvania that display the same preservation of the nasal- ization feature. The fortress had four building stages. Yet, he deliberately excluded the Moravians from his history.

The Gesta Hungarorum of Anonymus, the Anonymous Notary of

This new Roman conquest was neglected by Simon of Keza, because he supported the idea of the Hunnish-Hungarian continuity; for huhgarorum reason he could not admit to a new Roman occupation of Pannonia. In the following subchapter we will see that another Roman city, Apulum, became in the same 10th century the center of another polity.

Therefore, the spurs and the sword hilt come most probable from dwellings dated at the end of the 10th century.

GolouGyloGalouand Gyolo Gesta Hungarorum P as an initial in illuminated manuscripts Latin manuscripts Manuscripts of Hungary. The commentator of the last edition of GH also con- siders that the analogies with Historia de expeditione Friderici impe- ratoris supposed by J.

Hungwrorum cases presented in these pages are showing that some place and person names recorded since the 11th century in Pannonia, west of the Danube, were of Romanian origin. There is no evidence that Gelou himself was entitled domi- nus, although nothing could exclude this the Latin word dominus was inherited in Romanian as domn, as a title for the rulers of the medieval states.

The west- ern sources that mention the Hungarian incursion in Moravia and Pannonia presented with many details the fights of Svatopluk with the Hungarians in the last decades of the 9th century.

The statement of G. The Pannonian origin of saints Adrianus and Monanus remains disputable, as well as their Romance ethnicity. Researchers remarked the likeness between wall no. It is very important that the so well-informed work of Constantine Por- phyrogenitus does not mention anything about Transylvania.


InDimitre Onciul considered that the xnonymous of Gelou was invent- ed and, on the other hand, that the conquest of his duchy during the reign of Arpad was unlikely. Views View Edit History.

File:Gesta Hungarorum – Wikimedia Commons

The single discovery from Romania dated by M. Therefore, we agree28 that these Romani represent the Roman-German Empire. He gathered his data from oral and written sources. We can see that the pre- conceived idea that Romanians could not be present in Transylvania before the Hungarian conquest led to contradictions in the opinions expressed by one of the supporters gessta this biased view.

This involution made necessary a new Christia- nization of this territory after the Frankish conquest. For this reason it can be supposed that some of the refugees were Romanians. Other data about Glad were recorded in c. II this results from the published profile.

This is just as true for Hungary and Hungarians as it is anony,ous my own country. Scholars believe that sometime in the mid to late 13 th century a scribe for the King of Hungary wrote the chronicle that provides a narrative on the background, conquest and aftermath of the Hungarirum arrival in the Carpathian Basin. Only these Romanians were known in Hungary, the homeland of the Anony- mous Notary, who had them in mind when he wrote about Gelou.