ANTEROGRADE TOMORROW. Title: Anterograde Tomorrow Author: changdictator Rating: R Genre: Romance, Tragedy, slight!angst Length: three-shot Summary: Kyungsoo. The first fanfiction I’m going to review is Anterograde Tomorrow, which is, more or This is, by far, the best Kaisoo fanfiction I have ever read.

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Jun 25, Sara Morelli rated it it was amazing. What I do know it’s that it is a beautiful story. If you have read it, listen to the song and read the words here.

‘Anterograde Tomorrow’; Could It Be a Film?! | Tizzy Tensions | K-Pop Amino

This was seriously one of the saddest, most heartbreaking things I’ve ever read and such a favorite. It’s such a good story and not just as a fan fiction. Aug 30, Tpmorrow Ceron rated it it was amazing. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

The questions and thoughts about life, love and the future are fascinating. Do u have anymore recommended fanfics anterograve read cuz I really loved this one: I can love you even without memories so just hang on. The sadness in this story is the most awful kind: Not only is it splendidly writt There are plenty of reviews that have already expressed how I feel about this piece I can’t really wrap my mind around calling it simply a fan-fiction, because it’s really more than thatbut nonetheless, I feel obliged to spend at least a few words about it.


Amazingly, got too sucked up into the story, that I sobbed pretty bad at the birthday scene in the fic. I liked the way it talks about the perspective of characters. Jongin, the boy who has recently moved next door, kaioo to be an author wanting to write Kyungsoo’s life into a book.

Truthfully, I would’ve absolutely loved to see this story become a film.

Anterograde Tomorrow

This is the story which deserves to be published in every language in the world. A gem and a classic in the midst of fanfiction. This is a fan fiction that will never disappoint you. Omg I didn’t expect to find it here! Anterograde Tomorrow by Changdictator. I totally love it! I cannot highly recommend this to anyone enough. I have no idea why this fic made a lot of people cry because I sure as hell did not shed a single tear maybe I’m just cold blooded but I really enjoyed the fic.

One day he could wake up and just forget about the book completely. Filter by post type All posts. Everything is so heartfelt and touching and devastating. Basically, and hypothetically, you don’t really need to know what EXO is or who Jongin and Kyungsoo is.


Have You Ever Read Anterograde Tomorrow? | KaiSoo ♥️ Amino

Kaisoo Kai and D. Changdictator’s writing perfectly captured the beauty and the tragedy of a love on borrowed time.

They do the same things every day, they talk about the exact same things, Jongin introduces himself every day, only to be forgotten the next day. The best history that I ever read in my all life. kalsoo

Aug 25, Meghna Shankar rated it it was amazing. Viiiince HappyYeriDay Haha great minds think alike!

Preview — Anterograde Tomorrow by Changdictator. You have to literally make the person fall in love with you over and over again. I really wish somethign like this wont happen to anyone. Moreover, it must be unbearably painful for Kyungsoo to find out that his best friend is dead, only to forget about it and then having to learn about it again and again and again. My mom bought me yellow sticky notes, i set them on fire. A small puddle but a puddle nonetheless. Such a beautiful story. Apr 11, marisa rated it it was amazing.