Este ebook presenta “Colección integral de Sófocles” con un sumario dinámico y detallado. Sófocles fue un autor trágico griego del siglo V antes de Cristo. Results 1 – 30 of Antigona by Sofocles and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Results 1 – 30 of Edipo Rey Antigona Medea by Eur?pides; Sofocles and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

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Edipo Rey, Eidpo En Colona Antigona

Texto integral PDF Assinalar este documento. Like many other interpreters of the Antigone5 we argue that this Sophoclean tragedy tells of a conflictalthough not one between the human and the divine but rather between two different ways in which the human relates to and tries to embody the divine.

The editors reserve the right to make adjustments to the text and to adequate the article to the editorial rules of the journal.

As we have seen, this mutual disavowal has a religious characterfor each one of the protagonists wants to deny the legitimacy of the relationship sfoocles the other has established to divinity to the extent that it is this relationship that is the basis of their opposing behaviours.

An InterpretationCambrid However, the most crucial point is that the same lines indicate that this disaster originating from the confusion between good and evil is actually caused by a god viz.

You look on kindred that have done sofocls suffered murder!

What must be done is to make productive the great middle ground between A. Let us first read the most relevant passages in this regard. The resolution of the conflict is uneven, for Antigone is punished and commits suicide, while Creon remains alive and apparently continues to rule the sofovles cf.


Sófocles & Antígona

For these have life, not simply today and yesterday, but forever, antifona no one knows how long ago they were revealed. The authors are allowed and stimilated to publicize and distribute their work on-line after the publication in the journal.

Do you be the kind of person you have decided to be, but I shall bury him! A Further Point in the Interpretation of Sophocl On the one hand, Antigone is punished and the force of her belief in her religious conduct is not unshakable cf. Sophocles scholars have interpreted the Antigone as a play about a conflict between the human and the divine, the state and the individual, the public and the private, secular and religious morals, and so on.

Antigona Sofocles | UNSL Universidad Nacional de San Luis –

At first glance, the chorus speak only of the cause of what is happening to Antigone, since lines immediately follow the sentencing of Antigone to death.

Ah, my son, young and newly dead, alas, alas, you died, you were cut off, through my follynot through your own! However, near the end of the play, the religious conflict is resolved, namely when Antigone is condemned to isolation in the rocky cave and ends up dying by her own hands cf.

Why must I still look to the gods, unhappy one? In turn, Creon realizes that he was wrong cf. The conflict between Antigone and Creon takes place because two misconceptions of the divine seek to annihilate each other.

However, we have yet to explain how and why the two protagonists are in conflict with one another. As we have suggested just now, in order for each protagonist to try to disavow the other, they must have the conviction that their religious point of view is the more correct one.

In fact, neither of the protagonists emerges victorious from their religious conflict. One thing is already clear from what we have seen up to this point, namely that the conflict between Antigone and Creon centres on the question of what the right religious stance regarding the burial of Polynices is.


He is a full member of the Institute of Philosophical Studies Coimbra Universitywhere he has been carrying out a postdoctoral project in Ancient Philosophy.

Lines may provide an answer to this question: For whoever think that they themselves alone have sense, or have a power of speech or an intelligence that no other has, these people when they are laid open are found to be empty. Instead, we mean that each one of the protagonists has a different conception of the role of each one of the deities in the resolution of the conflict regarding the burial of Polynices.

Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. But here comes the new king of the land, … Creon, under the new antigpna given by the gods ; what plan is he turning over, that he has proposed this assembly of elders for discussion, summoning them by general proclamation?

Edipo Rey, Eidpo En Colona Antigona : Sofocles :

Whatever interpretation is given to any single aspect of his work, his art or his personality, none will hold good unless it is fully aware of the fundamental fact that Sophocles had a vision of life which we call religious. However, their silence in this regard should not make us fail to raise these questions and become aware of the impossibility of answering them on the basis of the Antigone. AntigoneconflictreligionSophoclestragedy.