Get this from a library! Directory for the pastoral ministry of bishops: Apostolorum successores. [Catholic Church. Congregatio pro Episcopis.]. Here is a translation of the Vatican press office’s presentation on the new “ Pastoral Directory for Bishops, ‘Apostolorum Successores,’”. AS Apostolorum successores, Congregation for Bishops, Directory for the Pastoral ministry of Bishops (February 22, ). Vatican City: Libreria Editrice.

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Chaptersafter recalling the identity and mission of the Bishop, reflect on his solicitude for the universal Church and on episcopal collegiality. In fulfilling his mission, the diocesan Bishop should always remember that the community over which he presides is a community of faith, needing to be nourished by the Word of God. This grave responsibility, instead of preventing the Bishop from listening to advice and seeking the cooperation of diocesan structures and councils, actually requires him to do so before issuing norms or general directives for the diocese.

The Bishop should educate his priests of every age and condition to fulfil their duty of ongoing formation and he should ensure that due provision is made for thisso that their enthusiasm for the ministry does not wane, but grows and matures with the passage of time, making the sublime gift they have received more dynamic and more effective cf.

It then summarizes the volume’s nine chapters, which are followed by a conclusion and a look at a “sede vacante,” or vacant see: The Bishop, like Christ himself, should manifest the most genuine and perfect human qualities if he is to share the daily life of his people and to be one with them in times of joy and sorrow.

When he judges that he has assembled sufficient proof of the facts which gave rise to the scandal, he should proceed formally to correct or admonish the accused He should present himself to them as a faithful friend and confidant, to whom they may entrust themselves in search of understanding and good counsel.

The Bishop also manifests the constant vitality of the Holy Spirit, who gives life to the Church and sustains her in her human weakness. Therefore he should look first of all to the good of souls, respecting the dignity of persons and making use of their talents in the most appropriate and beneficial way, in the service of the community, always assigning the right person to the right post. At the same time, the Bishop should cultivate the humility which comes from recognizing his own weakness, that humility which — as Saint Gregory the Great says — is the primary virtue For this reason, canon law has assigned certain areas to the joint attention of the Bishops, according to the particular circumstances.

Some dynamic images of the Bishop, drawn from Scripture and from the Tradition of the Church, such as the image of the shepherd, the fisherman, the father, the brother, the friend, the comforter, the servant, the teacher, the leader, the sacramentum bonitatispoint to Jesus Christ and characterize the Bishop as a man of faith and discernment, a man of hope and serious commitment, a man of gentleness and compassion, a man of communion.

The diversity of vocations and ministries which make up the particular Church requires the Bishop to exercise his ministry not in isolation, but in close union with his co-workers, the priests and deacons.

Under certain conditions established by law, the Bishops assembled in the Episcopal Conference also exercise a doctrinal function 95since they are authoritative teachers and instructors in the faith for their people.


Jesus willed the Twelve to be an undivided College with Peter as head, and so it was that they carried out their mission as eye-witnesses of his resurrection, beginning from Jerusalem cf.

About the New Pastoral Directory for Bishops – ZENIT – English

This Directory belongs to a rich tradition: The diocesan Bishop ought to show similar agreement with an auxiliary equipped succcessores special faculties As a successor suuccessores the Apostles, by virtue of his episcopal ordination and through hierarchical communion, the Bishop is the visible principle and the guarantee of unity in his particular Church 1. The Bishop will set an example by the faithful and dignified manner in which he wears the cassock whether with piping or simply black succesores, or in certain circumstances at least the clerical suit and Roman collar.

The American Life League is calling on the U. Every Bishop has the right and the duty to assist and cooperate actively in one or other of these collegial actions through prayer, study, and the expression of his votum.

Their law is the new commandment of love and their goal is the Kingdom of Aostolorum already inaugurated on earth In order to accomplish apkstolorum mission, the Bishop teaches, counsels and persuades, but he should also exercise his authority and sacred power when this is required for the building up of the faithful Their suitability must be established to his satisfaction with positive arguments.

He should encourage all his priests to lead a profound spiritual life and to seek divine assistance, so that their hearts may be filled with love for Christ. Conforming apostolorjm to Christ, successires Bishop offers an outstanding service to unity and to ecclesial communion: In this way the clergy should feel supported in their priestly task and in the generous exercise of their ministry: Chapter IV “illustrates several basic principles that must guide the pastoral governing of the bishops, such as the principles of truth, collaboration, respect for jurisdictions, of the right person in the right place, of justice and legality.

Particular councils are assemblies of Bishops, in which other ministers and lay faithful may participate with a consultative vote, intended to provide for the pastoral needs of the People of God in a particular territory, adopting succfssores measures for the increase of the faith 74for the organization of common pastoral action, for the regulation of morals and for the safeguarding of ecclesiastical discipline Together with the apoetolorum Bishops of the ecclesiastical province, the metropolitan Archbishop should promote joint initiatives intended to offer an adequate response to the needs of the dioceses under his care.

The Bishops concerned should agree upon the norms governing such seminaries. Bearing in mind that the reestablishment of unity was one of the principal intentions of the Succrssores Vatican Council 57 and that it is no mere postscript added on to the traditional activity of the Church 58the Bishop should sense the urgency of promoting ecumenism, a goal to which the Catholic Church is irrevocably committed.

The Bishop should manifestly hold his priests in esteem, showing them trust and praising them as they deserve.

On certain more important topics, the Bishop should seek opportunities to listen at length, to enter aposotlorum dialogue with experts, sharing experiences, methods and new resources for pastoral ministry successored the spiritual life.

Dialogue with experts in pastoral science and in socio-pedagogical fields further assists his pastoral formation; so too does in-depth study of the law, of liturgical texts and the spirit of the liturgy.


They must be chosen from among the best priests of the diocese, they should excel in devotion and sound doctrine, suitable pastoral experience, zeal for souls and particular aptitude for formation and teaching.

Pastoral charity apostolotum the Bishop to Jesus Christ, to the Church, and to the world which must be evangelized. In particularly grave circumstances, including those of a personal nature, the Holy See may appoint an auxiliary Bishop with special faculties In a paternal spirit and with genuine familiarity, he should initiate a dialogue, discussing with the priests whatever is in their interest, the responsibilities assigned to them and the problems arising in diocesan life.

Other areas of joint pastoral work could be proposed by the Metropolitan to the Bishops. A Metropolitan who is unable to make the journey to Rome successpres the pallium from the papal Legate.

Chapter 4 illustrates some essential principles that must guide the pastoral governance of the Bishop, such as:. Fraternal meetings with the Roman Pontiff and with his closest collaborators in the Roman Curia offer the Bishop a privileged opportunity not only to give an account of the situation of his diocese and its needs, but also to learn more about the hopes, the joys and the difficulties of the universal Church and to receive helpful counsel and guidance on the successlres of his apotolorum.

In fact the Bishop has ultimate responsibility for the admission of candidates to holy orders.

Project MUSE – The Teaching Ministry of the Diocesan Bishop and Its Collaborative Exercise

Following the example of the Good Shepherd, the entire ministry of the Bishop is focused on serving God and the flock Its inner unity and energy is found through pastoral charity, which may rightly be called the bond of episcopal perfection: It is most valuable for the Bishop and his priests to share their experiences, to consider different approaches and to evaluate new pastoral resources.

The minor seminary needs to offer the students a course of studies fulfilling the requirements of the State curriculum, perhaps needing recognition by the State This is why Bishops, generation after generation, are called to safeguard and to hand on Sacred Scripture and to promote the Traditiothat is, the proclamation of the one Gospel and the one faith, in complete fidelity to the teaching of the Apostles.

Also addressed are pastoral questions affecting large cities and the organization of the whole of pastoral care. Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus.

“Apostolorum Successores”: New directory for Bishops

In this context, mention is also made of the pastoral Visit, whose importance was attested in the last Synod of Bishops. The page volume, published in Italian and in the process of being translated into other principal languages, “takes into acccount,” says the aplstolorum, “the documents of Vatican Council II, the Code of Canon Law, various pontifical documents published in recent years and above all, the Apostolic Exhortation ‘Pastores gregis’.

To resolve any difficulties they might encounter, the Bishop should enlist the help of a zealous and experienced priest and should encourage frequent contact between brother priestswhich could include the possibility of sharing a common life.