We use appositives to redefine or clarify a noun phrase; test your knowledge in this exercise!. Play this game to review Grammar. What is the purpose of an appositive?. Play this game to review Grammar. St. Valentine is the patron saint of lovers. St. Valentine was never married. Which option uses an appositive to combine the.

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It is a very slick road.

Daily Grammar – Quiz for Lessons – Parts of the Sentence – Appositives

Therefore no comma is required there; however, if Shadam only has one father, the word Richard is not essential to her father. Sentence Structure [SMART Notebook lesson] Students will learn about simple and compound sentences; how to combine sentences and state appositivess the qppositives w The fix is simple: Pop Quiz Add commas if needed.

Also, if I were to be less specific about the year the film won the award, thus not setting it apart from any of the previous winners, would this be correct:.


Does that need restrictive treatment without commas or with commas? My brother enjoys breaking toys. June 1,at 6: November 16,at Appositives can also come before the noun they are identifying: April 9,at January 11,at The parents of Andrew, the dead man, were fighting a custody battle.

Leave a Comment or Question: This enhancement allows Department Managers to automatically approve new item requisition requests within Department requisitions: January 8,at There are several issues with the sentence. You could use commas in that case. July 30,at 1: My little sister Ella will escort you to your auiz.

Appositive Or Appositive Phrase Quiz

If the Appositive provides only additional, accompanying information about the noun — it is called Nonrestrictive Appositive and it should be set off from the rest of the sentence with commas dashes, colons and parentheses can also be used. In your second example, however, the word friend is not a precise identifier because one may have numerous friends.

He was Jack, the big ape, who got his job because of his mother.

Rather than either sentence, we recommend Please give me that pen, Sue. July 2,at 2: I look foreward to serving you dinner. However, if have only one sister, then the comma should be there. Harvey is a precise identifier. January 30,at 6: Does this sentence need commas around the name of the cookbook?


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UNC Wilmington offers diverse possibilities from the arts to athletics that I would love to take advantage of in the fall of this year. My dog, appositkves toy fox terrier, is well-behaved.

An above average student and talented musician, John made his family proud and My older brother, Dean made me cry yesterday. He is a good, but strict, teacher.

In the following examples, appositives shown in color and the nouns they modify is underlined. December 1,at 9: Book titles should be italicized.

September 9,at 4: English Language Arts Grade: