Title, Appunti di informatica libera. Author, Daniele Giacomini. Publisher, Systems Comunicazioni, ISBN, , Length, Appunti di informatica libera by Daniele Giacomini at – ISBN – ISBN – Systems Comunicazioni – Softcover. which makes available automatically a swap file for the virtual memory. Appunti di informatica libera Copyright © Daniele Giacomini.

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The word copyleft is an invention and represents the giacomibi of who, while defending his rights as the author, wants to defend freedom of his work, imposing that the original version of his work and derivated ones are kept free.

It is possible to install addtional software, by using the normal packages of the Slackware distribution. On its own this software it’s free, but since it has no copyright it doesn’t have a license either, so anybody is free to do whatever he wants with it, even take ownership of the rights. Software is not free when all the minimal requisites to classify it as such are not satisfied.

It’s a good thing to remember that price is not a thing that limits freedom and that other details are much more important. Usually, the contract that rules the use of software is the license ; is always important to know deeply the terms of the license agreement for the software you intend to deal with. Usually, to deal with it it is necessary to obtain a special permission, that most of the time limits its usage to just one computer or a well-defined environment.


«a2», ex «Appunti di informatica libera», ex «Appunti Linux»

This can be done by using the installpkg script, in the same way used for the normal Slackware distribution. Software is a code protected from copyright laws, similarly to what happens for giacomoni works.

This means some copies or variations of this software are no giacoomini free. Software which can not be sold, even though satisfying the four basic concepts listed here is not going be considered free software in this written work.

The first one is human readable, while the second one is suited for machine execution and not for reading.

Programming Tips and Tricks: Appunti di Informatica Libera [pdf]

However, it is important not to do that while you are working with MS-Windows: ZIP [ Enter ]. According to the various classifications explained in this chapter, commercial software is such, only because it’s sold for informatjca.

The result should be a C: Semi-free software is software that allow usage, copy, modification and distribution even after a modification for whatever reason except to make profit out infrmatica it. Unfortunately, a neat definition for this license does not exist and people tend to simply name them BSD licenses, feeding confusion that should be better to avoid. Since only the executable part is needed to make software operate, software copyright preservation laws that exist in many informtica do permit distribution of the executable code alone, allowing the copyright owner to keep the source code hidden.

Actually, you should observe what appears as: Following the same path, laws in these countries tend to put an illicit mark over reverse engineering of the software.

Trying to avoid this little disadvantage different modified versions of this license have been created. Appunti di informatica libera There’s too much confusion around the BSD acronym, too many licenses similar to the Berkeley one are released do its name.


If you prefer, you could even install ZipSlack in another Dos device; the important thing is that the extration should always done in a root directory of that device.

If you do not have this possibility, Info-ZIP can be found at: This is ap;unti detail that must not be forget. The freeware word is not tied to a incormatica definition, but usually refers to software that is freely available but doesn’t come along with the source. To this extent someone said: In many countries you may also be able to patent algorithms and other concepts tied to software. The ZipSlack distribution is just a part of the normal Slackware distribution.

The latter is the study of the executable code geared towards learning how code operates. Free software can be such only if it’s offered along with source code.

The holder of the copyright becomes the owner of the work. It’s important to note that “freedom” of free software is not in the price – which can also be informafica for the distribution service – but the possibility to use it without restrictions, to copy it as many times as you want, to distribute it and to modify it and even distribute the modified copies.