The covenant is the home of magi and the heart of an Ars Magica saga. Much more than just a base camp, its prosperity determines the power and safety of the . What is the Vanilla Covenants Project? The project was established to provide detailed sample covenants for players and story guides for Ars Magica, which is. This site is the central hub for an Ars Magica saga played over Hangout.

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The challenges faced by a covenant shapes the whole saga. Everything you need to bring your covenant to life lies between these covers.

Ars Magica: Covenants

Governance The charter of the covenant can be found here. Typicially, Covenants can be found where the old magical powers are still strong, meaning places where the dominion, and thus the mundane population, has a limited presence. Ars needs a covenants book, Consequence: Lindsey is a friend of Bradach the Bastard and is strangely familiar to Sir Blane.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Cernunnos brought a breeding pair of Lynx of Virtue, whose urine, when buried and left amgica crystallize, forms into semi-precious gemstones similar to carbuncles.

In the 8th or 9th century, magi of the Order founded a covenant here. References The main status post on the official forumswith links to the current materials being collected from a wide variety of authors.

Contents pages File Size 6. Email required Address never made public. According to the Hibernian Peripheral Code, their vovenants lands are defined by “all the land a magus can encircle between sunrise and sunset, without enchanted items or spells.


Each Hermetic House has a Covenant which represents in some sense the center of activity or governance of that house. Much more than just a base camp, a covenant’s prosperity determines the power and covenanrs of the characters who live there. The covenant thus provides the “home base” of the characters, and adventures can revolve around its interests. Most magi ard it was destroyed long ago; it may have been better if it was. Shipping will resume January 2nd, The magi dwell in a castle constructed via casting tablet, Terram vis, and Polumeta’s Art.

The Esgir’s properties are unknown, but what is certain is that Faeries and mundane travelers will often be passing to and fro. Locating vis sources will be a major task for the covenant in its first few years.

With one notable and recent exception in House Verditiusthis is the covenant of the primus of the house. The Hill’s magical aura is about two miles in diameter and comparatively large, centered on the summit of the Hill and including a great many mystical as.

Vanilla Covenants Project

Warehouse 23 will be closed December 24th, January 1st, Uisneach is home to a host of legends, all of which might complicate the lives of the magi. This Winter covenant is a place so strange, that it is slowly drifting away from the normal flow of time.

It’s contents are detailed here. Women among the covenfolk are given rights equal to the men. These boons are worth a combined build points, so there is still some unused. The Irish are less trustful of magi due mafica the Gift, and have made do with what humble belongings they brought with them.


Between them, they can probably scavenge about 7 mythic pounds.

Nigrasaxa is a free mini-saga for ArM4 that contains a starting covenant that can be used in Fifth Edition with some manual conversion. Ars Magica uses the metaphor of seasons to describe a covenant’s life cycle, from the instability and rapid growth of Spring through the prosperity of Summer to the decrepitude of Winter.

It vanished one summer without a trace. Most covenants also have guards called grogs and servants covenfolk. Robert de la Croix. All vis sources within that boundary are officially the property of the covenaants. Faerie Court -1 Hook: The covenant plays an important role in most sagasproviding not only a setting for story events but also a common interest for all the magi.

Vanilla Covenants Project | The Iron-Bound Tome

My work in progress will eventually include: Uisneach is home to magics Cat Stone, or “the Stone of Division,” a massive and crumbling boulder which is an Arcane Connection to each province in Ireland and which may have other mythical characteristics. The Hibernian Peripheral Code requires that all covenants keep cattle, and the Uinsneach herd is tended by half a dozen laborers, including Maedoc, an experienced cowherd.

The charter of the covenant can be found here.

Besides including rules for creating the covenant, “the central character in your saga,” this book included four extraordinary examples of Ars Magica covenants, one for each season: