Air Defense Artillery. battalion commander’s guide to staff functional duties in combat preparation. It can also be used to give expressed by commanders, XOs, and S3s, for example, is that the Fire Support. Officer or the S2. The Battalion Commander’s Handbook, is the fifth of a series of similar . Field Artillery and Air Defense Battalions. o Ensure your XO is holding weekly maintenance meetings with key maintenance personnel and company XOs. STANAG , Edition 1, Chapter 13, Artillery Procedures, and QSTAG , Edition 2, Bombing,. Shelling . with the lightweight computer unit (LCU) or manual gunnery dissemination of this information to subordinate XOs, platoon.

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Most installations can conduct a one or two-day special course on what is sensitive and what are the rules of safeguarding and accountability. An example is in a medical unit where “combined arms” means formal treatment, tactical evacuation, medical resupply, blood acquisition, hospitalization, strategic evaluation, tactical movement, etc.

Do not allow your soldiers to rate subordinates solely on production! This is not an awards ceremony. He or she should interview every questionable case and make a recommendation before you see it. If they are not, be prepared to expend a significant effort to automate them. They will tell you if there are problems with their rooms, but be sensitive to when you visit and how long you stay. However, they will learn fast if you invest the time to teach them.


The way these are funded is very important. Equally important is whether they are being physically secured in accordance with the appropriate regulations. Deal with the present, but focus on the future, at least 90 to days out, and for some events, even further out. Operations and Support Missions Establish up front your intolerance for discrimination against any minority soldier.


Learn everything you can about countermine warfare techniques and practice them. You may then produce oral or written directives for your subordinates to follow. Lieutenant Colonel PInfantry.

Those who do will have a higher probability of not reaching the objective.

Tell the soldiers what the battalion is forecasted to do for the next 90 days and what impact that will have on them. Insist on the accomplishment of a risk analysis prior to every mission. Then inspect that area you’ve just been trained on.

In addition to specifying the results, it should state what further action is required and when it should be completed.

Have sufficient sets of daily uniforms, and a complete set of class As and service dress bluesincluding brass and medals. Build an atmosphere of respect, trust and teamwork. Your station commanders must lead their soldiers to ask enough people to join the Army!

Your behavior in a variety of situations will shape and guide the actions of others. Talk to soldiers, cadre, and family members after service. Soldiers will invariably get sleep but commanders and leaders tend to forsake this vital nourishment for themselves.

Bounce it off your bosses. He or she can be a good conduit of information up and down the chain of command, one who can give you a feel for what the soldiers think on a non-attribution basis. The attendance of the actual inspector and the responsible inspected person are paramount.

Another alternative would be a 3-day pass for each platoon in which all members pass the PT test, and the platoon average score is above Insist on inventories, supervision, and sub-hand-receipts to hold your people responsible and accountable. Be visible in the Motor Pool. At night it is an even greater challenge, and often dangerous. Personnel readiness is as important as equipment readiness.


Include your entire staff in planning and execution cycles. The experience and schooling that you have gained during your career have provided you with all of the necessary tools. That doesn’t mean they fully understand the scope of responsibility that accompanies the position. This SOP is also a very good tool for artollery job continuity. Try to make home station time quality time give maximum leave time, plan block leave, liberal pass policy, etc.

The Battalion Commander’s Handbook, is the fifth of a series of similar books published by the U. This document should include points of contact and phone numbers. The ratillery and knowledge required to implement this task are highly perishable and must not be allowed to degrade.

Battery Executive Officers Handbook.

No one is allowed to be unprofessional to your new soldiers. They are great sources to gauge the status of your battalion’s command climate. This is not their job! Remember that the staff and soldiers have put in long hours preparing aritllery the change of command.

Publish a booklet on your battalion’s capabilities and “how it fights.

Take nothing for granted. Take corrective action immediately. It is an excellent opportunity for the two of you to discuss expectations and agree on his or her role in battalion activities. Demographics of the training base vary depending on time of year and other external factors. Answer questions and deal with disciplinary problems quickly and fairly.

Be ready and able to speak to various groups on several subjects. When an individual or a unit receives an “at-a-boy”, even if it is just a compliment from a supported unit’s commander, make a big deal of it.