AS 2885.5 PDF

AS 2885.5 PDF

Australian New Zealand Standard AS / NZS Pipelines – Gas and Liquid Petroleum – Field Pressure Testing – Western Australia. AS – , Field Pressure Testing, Revision committed formed, Expected AS – , Safety Management Studies, With. AS/NZS Accessed by CITIC PACIFIC MINING PTY LTD on 03 Dec AS/NZS Australian/New Zealand Standard?.

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The strain in each pipe may be assumed to be elastic up to the value of p min. Although the actual time 28855.5 not been well defined, 2 h is considered sufficient. The values in Column 4 are derived from those in Column 3 by the subtraction of each reading in Column 3 from the highest reading in Column 4.

For a fully restrained uniform test section the equation is—?

The volume of residual air that could remain in a test section can be assessed for its effect on leak detection. In addition to aa requirements, the following shall be observed. Column 6 represents the additional volume of water added to compress the residual air.

The initial pressure used for such a decreasing pressure cycle may come from the filling pump. Although the cubic expansion coefficient of water will be known, the precise temperature of the water will not be known. It is interesting to examine the technical basis of these factors, which directly determines the minimum pressures for hydrostatic testing.

For guidance on this selection of end-point see Appendix D. Most hydrocarbon liquids properties are determined by empirical methods, based on their individual density at standard conditions. Straining rates for short sections may be relatively high, so the von Mises factor substantially overrides the straining rate factor.

If the test pressure is such that yielding aas considered possible, volumetric measurements and volumetric determination of the end-point are mandatory. Table A1 shows the relationship between elapsed time and the amount of air that will have been dissolved as a percentage of the amount that can be dissolved. Unrestrained pipeline with end caps Restrained pipeline Ring expansion test on line pipe?

During the test, readings of the test pressure and ambient and pipeline steel temperatures are to be taken simultaneously at intervals see Clause 4. A statement that the test section has ad tested and does or does not comply with the requirements of the pipeline specification. Each test section consists of lengths of pipe, each having the same outside diameter, wall thickness, and SMYS, manufactured and tested according to the same specification and requirements at the same mill.


The duration of leak tests depends on the method and sensitivity of leak detection methods. Hydrostatic with captive caps on a G frame Mill test pressure With minor exceptions, it is intended for application to all transmission pipelines.

Conversely, a higher sensitivity would be required 8285.5 identify the same volume loss in larger test sections, but the sensitivity of the instrument cannot be 2885.5 indefinitely. Any difference between the indication of the pressuremeasuring devices shall be monitored, and shall be investigated.

The end-point used and the reason for its adoption.

AS Pipelines-Gas and liquid petroleum – Field pressure testing_图文_百度文库

We also welcome suggestions for improvement in our Standards, and especially encourage readers to notify us immediately of any apparent inaccuracies or ambiguities. The combined effect of residual stresses and Bauschinger effect on a flattened test piece may lead to an underestimation or overestimation of the true hoop yield stress properties. The hold period may be continued to completion where the leaked volume does not exceed 0.

It further appears that the industry has settled, through long experience rather than scientific forethought, on the use of a pressure strength at least 1. The actual unaccountable pressure loss measured during the test. Pressure-controlled tests are most commonly used where the stresses produced by the testing pressures are low. The Standard provides a table of allowable unaccountable 28855 fluid leakage rates for each of the four Location Classes defined by AS The Standard clearly states that yielding may be expected where the field test pressure exceeds xs mill test pressure, and draws attention to the effects of restraint, secondary loadings such as the mass of the test liquid, and tolerances of the wall thickness.

Pretested pipe, fabricated assemblies and components may sa exempted from a field pressure test, in accordance with AS A minimum strength for the pipeline, stated in the form of a minimum value for the pressure strength, is determined by multiplying the MAOP by a factor, commonly in the range 1.

The volume added to each pipe may be calculated from the strain in the pipe and the compressibility of the test fluid at the pressure on the pipe.


AS Bourdon tube pressure and vacuum gauges Continue pressurization until the end-point is reached. 2885.55 measurements of ring-expansion yield stress for each pipe based on heat testing.

Since pressure-controlled tests are only permitted when no yielding is predicted, extensive yielding is most likely to be the result of incorporation of incorrect material in the test section. Some of aa factors to be considered are as follows: The end-points that have been used in the Australian industry for testing under this Standard were verified against actual strain measurements on pipes in test sections.

It is necessary to be able to detect leaks of 2885.5, 40 L or 20 L per 24 h against the background uncertainty of measurement of pressure and pipe wall temperature.

The volume of air that can dissolve is approximately 20 ppm at the relevant conditions. These should include a warning about excess pressure being developed due to solar radiation. Take readings of the values of the pressure and added volume at sa increments not greater than the following: If, however, the strength test is carried out well beyond the minimum requirement, a lower level of accuracy is sufficient since uncertainty in the reading is of no consequence.

This Standard permits high-level testing of pipe The analysis is included to enable a comparison to be made. The assessment of the unaccountable pressure change is dependent upon the pipe size, test section length, and the test pressure. The volume of air remaining in the test section after filling shall be in accordance with Clauses 4.

Temperature-to-pressure gradients and pressure-to-time gradients should be compared between the test sections. az


Industrial grade gauges The following applies to industrial grade gauges: If actual exposed pipe metal temperatures are measured, then these should be used. This appears to be a test section of approximately 25 mL capacity.

Equivalent graphs may be generated electronically. The limit of residual air.