Find out all of the information about the ASCON TECNOLOGIC S.r.l product: digital temperature regulator / programmable / PID / process M5. Contact a supplier. CE compatibility, ASCON is ISO certified, 3 years warranty. Technical M5. Setpoint. Tuning. One shot. Auto tuning. Adaptive. Operating mode. PV/SP. Find great deals for Ascon M Controller 24v. 5e. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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This controller has been designed with compliance to: M5 The information about product coding are accessible from the front panel by mean of a particular procedure described at section 5.

Once calculated the terms values are immediately used in the control algorithm.

The possible choices are: Therefore, a repair can be hardly carried on directly by the user. The actual segment asconn is calculated as ti. This parameter is normally used when controlling slow process, increasing the sampling time from 0.

IP 20 Termination Unit EN – 1 IEC – 1 Before proceeding with the installation of this controller, follow the instructions illustrated in this manual and, particularly the installation precautions marked with the B symbol, related to the European Community directive on electrical protection and electromagnetic compatibility. C ont Continue r es Reset All the parameters, like Setpoint and the remaining time are restored at the values they had at power off.

Releasing the button the rate of change decreases. The entered Setpoint is defined as target Setpoint. Copyright Klemsan A.

Ascon M5-5104-0000 Controller 24v. 5e

Conf Time units and Setpoint slope p. Group of parameters pId Menu Parameters The activation of the function through the digital input has the highest priority than through the keyboard or through the serial communication.


The power supply switch shall be easily accessible from the operator. It is the ideal for all applications where it is required to change continuously the P. OP Heat control output see Table 6 s.

Ascon M Controller 24v. 5e | eBay

The acknowledge operation consists in pressing any key. The way we use and circulate your personal data is as follows: When Off the derivative term is not included in the control algorithm.

The alarm state ceases when the fault condition is no longer present. Standard Repair – We will repair your item within working days. Personal data includes, for example, your name, postal address, e-mail address, and other information about you.

If you have any questions about the use of your personal data, or if you want to revoke the permission for the recording of your personal data, you can contact us via info klemsan. Terminal Blocks and Accessories. Op Soft start of the control output It specifies the value at which the control output is set during the start up phase. State of the art workshops. Onsite Services – We will send our onsite engineers to your work to assess and diagnose the fault.

Lektronix : Ascon M/DHA | Other | Repair & Supply

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. When set to Off this function is disabled. The minimum span sp1-sp2 must be greater than digit.

Home About Us Products Contact. One shot Tune- step response method for calculating the P. The warranty above shall not apply for any failure caused by the use of the product not in line with the instructions reported asckn this manual. The relevant third party is obligated to use this personal data only for the delivery of the needed service or for the carrying out of the required transaction on your order.

  BS 2573-1 PDF

We never share your personal data with third parties for marketing purposes, we do not sell or give them away. Sampling Time Sampling time, in seconds, of the instrument.

New parameters In case of power off with the Adaptive Tune enabled, the values of the P. They are the best result of our experience in aacon and manufacturing of smart, powerful and high reliable controllers.

H 50 A B C D With this procedure, simple and fast, up to 10 parameters, selected through the fast view see par 4.


The complete code is displayed on the instrument label. It is particularly suitable for controlling process whose control characteristics change with time or are not linear in relation to the Setpoint values.

Keep the low level sensor input wires away from the power lines and the output cables. Programmable Setpoint optional 1 program, 16 segments 1 initial and 1 end From 1 to cycles or continuous cycling Off Time values in seconds, asdon and hours Start, stop, hold, etc.