Asko Parpola. Education and degrees awarded. Doctor of Philosophy, Univ of Helsinki. Licentiate of Philosophy, Univ of Helsinki. Master of Arts. ‘This book is substantial, in every sense of the word does make a forceful case for a partial decipherment it will become the standard reference work and the. : The Roots of Hinduism: The Early Aryans and the Indus Civilization (): Asko Parpola: Books.

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My conclusion is that the Vedic literature and religion results from the fusion of two major waves of Indo-Aryan speakers coming from Central Asia to South Asia. Prehistoric Archaeology and Indo-European Studies. To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. The Roots of Hinduism: Contradictory Lives Lisa I. His debut feature was filmed at various points along the two thousand mile US-Mexico border and parploa since been globally broadcast.

Asko Parpola

The Five Actions Of Ayurveda. Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae, Humaniora The Soma cult was introduced to India by the Rigvedic tradition long after the disappearance aso the Indus Civilization. Professor Parpola speaks for himself in the following excerpt from his message of acceptance of the Classical Tamil Award.

In pursuit of the chariot twins. They seem to have penetrated first to the Vidarbha region and, adopting the local Black-and-Red Ware as their pottery, spread to peninsular India and Sri Lanka during the following centuries. The split of Indo-Iranian can be traced in the archaeological record to the differentiation of the Yamnaya culture in the North Pontic and Volga steppes respectively during the third millennium BCE, due to the use of separate sources of metal: Equally impressive, and again truly monumental, are the publications inspired and co-authored by Professor Parpola, of two volumes of the Corpus of Indus Seals and Inscriptions.


Parpola engages in a wide ranging discussion with Vikram Zutshi, Dr. The Finnish Oriental Society. Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph no.

Asko Parpola on The Roots of Hinduism by Vikram Zutshi

The study of Sanskrit and its classical literature does need governmental support, but this positive development should not be exaggerated so that it paropla lead to the neglect of other important topics. Seals and Sealing References pp.

Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph series; vol. Fertility cults in folk religion — In this article Prof. A major theme of his work is religious pluralism.

Asko Parpola on The Roots of Hinduism

Due to climatic change, this most advanced Copper Age culture dispersed about BCE in all directions: Popular Searches click on one dharma yoga tantra ayruveda meditation buddha. Parpola’s long journal article The Coming of the Aryans is widely cited by historians and scholars of Indo-European Studies.

Created around BCE, with about different signs, and short “words”, it does not represent an alphabetic or a syllabic script which are easier to decipherbut the “logosyllabic” type of writing, which is shared by all the oldest scripts of the world used in the late fourth and early third millennia BCE. Because the cuneiform tablet telling about this event is broken, we know only the last two syllables of his name.


It is not her fault that the history of Hinduism includes things that some Hindus today do not like, but which must be known in order to have a complete and balanced view of Hinduism.

Loyal Enemies Jamie Gilham. Preface — Introduction — 1.

Asko Parpola – University of Helsinki Research Portal – University of Helsinki

Tamil happens to be the oldest and the best-documented Dravidian language. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Asko Parpola is uniquely well qualified to undertake this, through his major research on the Vedas and Vedic ritual and on the Indus Civilization, combined with an excellent understanding of the archaeological evidence beyond India itself. As Professor of Indology he has led a Finnish team of experts through numerous approaches to the puzzle of one of the world’s very earliest writing systems.

BAR International Series What are your findings on the origin and formation of Vedic literature and rites?

Evidence of sealings and seals. How do you define Hinduism and where can its roots be found?