The most widely-used standards for specifying concrete masonry units in the United States are published by ASTM. International. These ASTM standards. (ASTM C 1, 1, Concrete brick. (ASTM C 55). 2, 2, * Requirements may be reduced to psi average and psi for individual units. Find the most up-to-date version of ASTM C at Engineering

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Heat is a major factor in breaking down shingle materials. Brick veneer installed on concrete block construction, more commonly used for commercial construction, is also supposed to have a drainage plain with weep holes. If a moisture barrier exists below the roof deck, such as closed cell foam and insulation with a vapor barrier, the moisture could become trapped between the moisture barrier and the shingles, potentially creating a wood rot condition.

Now, consider this point. In the installation, the sole plate was oversized and lag screws were used to screw joists to the sole plate. These areas are also vulnerable to shingle lifting due to wind.

The concrete fill needs to have rebar reinforcement installed in the concrete. The most Table 2 shows the results of t — test analysis which important factor militating against blocks tested on deals with the estimation of a true value from a as-cast face is lack of smoothness and 1c45 ness.

A PDF version of this document may be obtained by contacting: Both sides of each rebar end should be welded to each beam. Another example one style of manufactured home that uses perimeter anchoring to a sole plate instead of foundation beams. It could; but, the reason air downstream of the furnace is passed through the CHS is because heated air can hold more moisture than cooler air.

ASTM International

As the photo shows, a drain line is run through the side of the form tube, although from where it came could not be determined. If ABS pads are going to be used, they need to be used adtm and uniformly.


Then, if the humidistat calls for humidification, air will be flowing through the CHS. And every time I raked any of these surfaces, I got a shower of cold water—not a pleasant experience.

The correlation coefficient indicates that there is 95 The correlation coefficients are the same as that percent certainty that there is a single slope linear shown by strength correlation. Nowadays, most PHSs are made so that the owner can readily clean the unit and all of them recommend using fresh water every time the unit is operated. Multiple layers of shingles add insulation to the roof, which leads to a hotter attic. Maintenance of a PHS is usually so easy that the home owner can do it.

Discussion of Reference 5: This photo shows the preferred method for attaching the rebar to the beam in that the rebar ends are kept short and at least 2 inches of the rebar is welded solidly to the beam.

Still, even if pockets are installed in a concrete block foundation, pilasters are still usually built in the foundation under the pockets and the blocks are filled with concrete with rebar reinforcement.

Sterling Codifiers, Inc.

Technical Asfm on Brick Series, No 24, pp. I was able to stick a screwdriver blade aatm the darkened area of the tube, verifying that it was wet and degrading. I recently came across a sump pump installation during a home inspection that caught me by surprise—and that takes some doing.

Additionally, when shimmed joints are welded, the joint needs to be fully welded so that the shims are included in the weld, aastm shown in the bottom photo below. Double-wide homes usually have either concrete block piers or steel columns supporting the center of the foundation beams.

Wilmington had received light rain the morning of the inspection. I have seen several CHSs and they appear to be amazingly similar, while I have seen a range of PHS designs and those designs continue to evolve. For newer homes, most manufacturers indicate where support is needed along the marriage line with some kind of mark on the bottom board the membrane covering the underside of the home. Here is one case where I found out in a rather uncomfortable way that a crawlspace built with proper ventilation sstm a moisture barrier of sorts can indeed get lots of moisture.


Depending on the manufacturer requirements, extra piers may be needed to support the marriage line at other locations than above the foundation beams, as shown in the photo below. Statistical Description of Strength of Concrete. Log In Asttm Up.

Over an entire home, the total area of the air leaks is less than those in a atm room. This article relies too much on references to primary sources. A typical foundation beam installation is shown in the Photo 4. This moisture will eventually evaporate to water vapor, which could flow into the home through the slab if an adequate vapor barrier is not present.

Members are classified as users, producers, consumers, and “general interest”. Local building codes should also be checked for requirements for fastening zstm beams together. Photo 17 shows a gross misuse of a rebar anchor. The problem with air leaks in all buildings is mainly a thermal comfort issue because leaks cause drafts, and few people enjoy the feeling of a cold air stream inside the home on a cold day.

Both photos show that the anchor is bolted astn to the foundation and both are wider than the beam flanges.