related portals: Islam. al-ʿAqīdah aṭ-Ṭaḥāwiyya or “The Fundamentals of Islamic Creed by the Imām aṭ-Ṭaḥāwī” is a single unifying treatise. Al-‘Aqidat at-Tahawiyyah – Kindle edition by Imam Abu Ja’far Ahmad ibn Muhammad at-Tahawi, Tahir Mahmood Kiani. Download it once and read it on your. Al-‘Aqidah at-Tahawiyyah (Arabic Edition) [Abu Jafar At-Tahawi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Al-‘Aqidah at-Tahawiyya is a popular.

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Allah blessed him and granted him peace in this world and the next.

The Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, was taken by night and ascended in his bodily form, while awake, through the heavens, to whatever heights Allah willed for him. We love the people of justice and trustworthiness, and hate the people of injustice and treachery. We thawiyyah not consider any of the people of our qiblah to he unbelievers because of any wrong action they have done, as long as they do not consider that action to have been lawful.

The Qur’ a n The Qur’ a n is the word of All a h. The same applies to all actions done by people, which are done exactly as Allah knew they would be done.

Aqeedat Tahawiyyah : définition de Aqeedat Tahawiyyah et synonymes de Aqeedat Tahawiyyah (anglais)

Pilgrimage H ajj and struggle under the leadership of those in charge of the Muslims, whether they are right or wrong-acting, are continuing obligations until the Last Hour comes. Seeing of All a h The Seeing of All a h by the People of Paradise Al-Jannah is true, without their vision being all-encompassing and without a manner of being [11]. He sent it down on His Messenger as revelation.

All a h’s Gh a d ab [33] severe unacceptance by All a h and Ri da [34] genuine acceptance by All a h are not similar to any creature. The first part of the verse establishe s for us that All a h is absolutely different from the creation in every way, hence there is categorically no resemblance whatsoever between All a h and the creation. We ask forgivenes s f or the people of wrong action among the Believers and, although we are afraid for them, we do not hold them in despair of the Mercy of All a h.

  AFI 31-207 PDF

Belief consists of affirmation by the tongue and acceptance by the heart.

Hence, anyone who hears it and claims that it is human speech has become an unbeliever. We hold that obedience to them is part of obedience to All a hthe Glorified, and therefore obligatory as long as they do not order to commit sins. What All a h creates is always a decreed destiny”. The Companions We love the Companions of the Messenger tahawiyyaj All tahaqiyyah h but we do not exceed the proper bounds in our love for any one individual among them nor do we disown any one of them.

This is a fundamental aspect of belief and a necessary element of all knowledge and recognition of All a h’s clearance tahawiyah resembling the creation, and of All a h ‘s Lordship. He is beyond having limits placed on Him, or being restricted, or having parts or limbs.

Sharh Al-Aqeedah At-Tahawiyyah – English – Abu Jafar at-Tahawi

Nor do we say that the sin of a man, as long as he is a believer, does not have a harmful effect on him. We believe in the angels, and the Prophets, and the books which were revealed to the messengers, and we bear witness that they were all following the manifest Truth. The Garden and the Fire are created things that never come to an end and we believe that Allah created them before the rest of creation and then created people to inhabit each of them.

Islamic Creed 10, Views. More by Islam Tahawiyya. He is exalted beyond having opposites or equals. He gives guidance to whoever He wills, and protects them from sinning, and keeps them healthy in their religion and safe from harm, out of His generosity; and He makes astray whoever He tahaiwyyah, and casts them down and deprives them His support, and afflicts them, out of His justice.

It came from Him as speech without it being possible to say how.

Sharh al-Aqeedah at-Tahawiyyah

All a h responds to people’s supplications tahawiyyab fulfills their needs. They are subject to His will and judgement. The Speech of All a h is not created and is different from the creations’, hence it is not a language or a letter or a sound.


It is necessary for the servant to know that Allah already knows everything that is going to happen in His creation and hits decreed it in a detailed and decisive way. And if all created beings were to gather together to make something exist which Allah had not written on it, they would not be able to do so.

We believe in all these things. The Pen has dried having written down all that will be in existence until the Day of Judgment.

The capability in terms of Tawfiq Divine Grace and Favour which makes an action certain to occur cannot be ascribed to a created being. Denying the knowledge thawiyyah is accessible is disbelief, and claiming the knowledge which is inaccessible is disbelief.

Aqidah al-Tahawiyyah

He does whatever He wills and He is never unjust. He will he subject to whisperings and find himself confused and full of doubt, being neither an accepting believer nor a denying rejector. He is the one who has been sent to all the jinn and all mankind with Truth and Guidance and twhawiyyah Light and Illumination.

He is not in need of the Throne and what is beneath it.

He is different from any created being. He is Alive and never dies and He manages the entire creation and never sleeps. There is nothing like Him in any way and He is the Hearer, the Seer”[7]. It is the largest creation that All a h created for us as an indication of His Power and to humble ourselves before the magnificent Power of All a h. Hence, he is among the scholars of the Salaf. It is the speech of Allah and no speech of any created being is comparable to it.

We ask All a h to protect u s f rom all falsehood and ask His grace and favor to do all good.