Técnicas de autorrescate en el descanso de Barrancos. Public. · Hosted by FEDERACIÓ D’ESPORTS DE MUNTANYA I ESCALADA DE LA COMUNITAT. AUTORRESCATE EN BARRANCOS Authors: Jesús Montesa et Obdulia García In any mountain sport, self-rescue is the unfinished business we should all know . Barranco VIANDICO. 20 de enero de by. No comments · Barranco-Viandico -Barranquismo-en-Sobrarbe-Ordesa-Bujaruelo-Aínsa-.

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Rappels of more than 30 mts, jumps of up to 10 mts, jumps barranvos difficulty of exit, trajectory or reception of 5 to 8mts. You can choose from hundreds of our models of the mountain shop.

Barrancos – Names Encyclopedia

Jacket insulated A feature of the Mountain insulated jackets It’s that they incorporate a synthetic fiber thermal insulation. Long, steep slides and shuttle.

This type of jackets is that it requires maintenance, Since is of mountaineering clothing special characteristics. Canyons of inciciation where there are no obligatory rapels, or these are very easy and very small, it is a first contact with the world of canyoning, walk between chaos, small jumps, some small slide Examples: Waterproof, breathable, Feather, Windbreak, Mountain softshell and windproof jackets Softshell or windbreaker jackets.

Thermal clothing for mountain or top layers In the Mountain thermal clothingor also known as ‘top layers’ by its three-layer system, are the best choice when practicing outdoor sports.

Rapels of 50 mts or more, jumps of 10 to 14 mts, jumps with difficulty of exit, trajectory or reception of 8 to 12 mts.


These items must not be wet or long stay compacted and washing must be done either dry or in house, always with some element to keep the garment appearance padding during the wash. Showing 1— 9 of results. Welcome to the spectacular World of canyoning, where you will discover intense emotions, incredible landscapes, and above all, live a unique and safe experience of Our Hand.

Long autorrescaye steep slopes. Its main function is to keep us dry, avoiding the sweat from the skin and our body to cool down. Whether you need high mountain clothingto climb mountains, or to mountaineering more demanding or the lighter, Compactable and light garments.

Mountain jackets Between our Mountain clothing that you can find in Mountain Zilendo, one of the most essential when it comes to equipping ourselves is to choose a good jacket. Our Amazon affiliate store has a catalog of thousands of mountain productsamong them, Mountain shopFood and beverages for athletes, trails and trekking equipment and much ajtorrescate.

To save us from the cold in the mountains, there are few items more indicated barranos feather jackets. They are a perfect garments for the mountain in those activities where the cold conditions are not excessive. We divided the Canyons into 5 levels. In the composition of the Mountain thermal clothing You can find natural from synthetic fabrics.

Thanks to the thermal capacity of the pen, these garments are the best ally you can find among the pieces of clothes to go to the mountain.

Mountain accessories In our Mountain online shop You can find a wide variety of accessories perfect for camping, expedciciones, routes or even mountain climbing. Mountain pants The Mountain pants they are very important when it comes to equip us.


Self-rescue in ravines

Jackets insulated or down jacket?? They are especially warm due to its warm and compressible feather filling, is one Mountain clothing specially designed for use on the route. Este sitio web utiliza autorrexcate para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario. The Mountain pants fiber they have more extended use covering activities such as mountaineering, the ski mountaineering or the altitude trekking ; and they guarantee us a great warmth and resistance.

Better with high cane -Replacement shoes, sandals, flip-flops, other slippers, shoes. These jackets are perfect for activities in which weather conditions are extreme cold, so they are very functional garments for those lovers of alpinism, the alpine climbing or ski mountainamong other outdoor activities.

The auttorrescate of synthetic fibers is that they do not retain moisture and maintain good thermal properties even wet. What material do I have to bring? Possibility of photographic or video report.

Waterproof jackets Deal with the meteorological elements is essential in mountain and if you want to overcome them not you miss our collection of waterproof jackets. Slides up to 12 meters without shuttle.